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Not capable of Love

“Michelle,” his voice stunned me quickly, making it harder to move. I heard him clear his throat lightly, and then his hands gripped my waist tighter. His hands straddled across my face, finding the ends of my jawline. His hands were gently wrapped around my neck. Making the tension between us tighten. I felt his breath push up against my skin making me shrivel with anxiety. I felt his legs brushing up against mine, making me want the sound of his voice call out for me again. I locked my eyes onto his, and then sighed whenever he cleared his throat once more. His forehead found mine, as it pressed up against mine roughly. 

   “I love you,” he finished. His voice was low and steady which made it more frightful for me. I thought to mused that these weren't the words that I pleaded not to hear. I watched as his lips moved; watching him pressing his lips tightly together hoping I would say something next. “I warned you not to fall in love with me Sean,” I whispered. Without anything else he just drew himself closer over towards me. I felt his forehead pressing up against mine gently.

        What was I doing to Sean? I knew that Sean couldn't possibly be in love with a girl like me. He couldn't love me, because I can't love him back no matter how much I tried. As much as I knew I loved him, and as much as I loved him period, I couldn't force myself to show it; nor prove him. 

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