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Shattered Dreams Sara Young Homepage
How I felt when I foundo ut I couldnt swim anymore
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Impassive Mark Lenig Homepage
This was written on a day when everything seemed to be heading in the wrong direction. Somehow I had gotten so wrapped up in emotion that I snapped. Later, I wrote this.
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Forces Against Me Mark Lenig Homepage
This poem was written a while back at a low point in my life. My girlfriend had just dumped me, my grandmother was recently diagnosed with acute leukemia, and I felt I had no friends or anyone to talk to. I found this last night amongst several papers and decided that it deserved to be typed and finished. It’s amazing how I felt the same things then that I feel now…
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Rose-Colored Glasses Shattered Liza Lynn Hron Homepage
The truth is a hard reality to face.
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I Can See Jaskaran Arora Homepage
This poem deals with the despairing state of frequent communal roits that take place.
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Loss of words Charlene (Charley) Goddard Homepage
We've all been here, I'm just writing it down.
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return to fall Dewi-Marie Vincoy Homepage
falling to have no one catch you....will anyone catch u?
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