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CAMEL Shamoil Ahmad Homepage
This is the story of an Imam of a Mosque enjoying a responsible position in the Muslim community, but conducting in a manner that even a harlot finds obnoxious . The Imam of a mosque is enamored of a woman of easy virtue. While it is known that her character is loose, it is not known that the character of the Imam is even worse. She reminds him of his duty. He takes it as an affront on his authority and power. She demands his resignation from the position of power, he gives her death as reward for giving unsolicited advice.
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The blind love Magenta Sorensen Homepage
This is about a girl and a boy that are friends then what if they become lovers
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To Marry a Gunfighter: A Western Romance Marion Patton Homepage
Ann West Quarll had found her soul mate, a man she could love and live with the rest of her life. But this handsome, brave, and loving man had been a bounty hunter and she was terrified that his past might catch up with him. Men had tried to kill him before and she knew what it was like to see a lover die in a gunfight. If she risked giving her heart again and would it again be broken? Could she find the courage to take that risk? She had a terrible decision to make.
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Innocence Lost Melinda Ann Beazer Homepage
A young woman's life is forever changed when she goes to a beach party looking for a good time and finds herself drawn into the world of three brothers each eager to claim her.
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TheOneINeed 2 Zia Smith Homepage
True story 2nd part of TheOneINeed
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TheOneINeed Zia Smith Homepage
A true story about my soul mate and our love.
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Without Limits Lanie Clove Homepage
Elainie struggles to follow her heart, will she in the end?
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Double Heartbreak Ngoe Brian Amate Homepage
it's talking aboutb disappointment
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A Love Story in Italy Phillip Knox Homepage
This a story about two lovers who met for a short time.
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Maybe: Warming Up.. Continued Rayne Dunbar Homepage
Camden finally fesses up, but will it last, or did it even start?
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