Stories By: robert William Braswell

Dangerous Delusion of Beauty robert William Braswell Homepage
Bill Petersonís dreams of spending a moment alone to get a kiss from a particular beautiful woman unexpectedly come true one strange night.
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Silence Bellows: A Man Once Living Without Regret Robert William Braswell Homepage
Her words, carefully written but poignantly cutting, sent a wave of surprise and then shock through Silenceís empty soul. An odd sensation began affecting his senses like some emotional concussion. To read something totally out of the ordinary from her hit him with such force that it felt like a full body slam. And Silence knew without any doubt that he was down for the full count.
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The Devil Patiently Awaits Robert William Braswell Homepage
Satan, Lucifer, Devil, Prince of Darkness and Antichrist, among many other unverifiable historical allegories, was transformed into the flesh and began roaming the planet at this very moment? What if him and his gang of bloodthirsty henchmen, or demons, began mankindís final days by torturing and killing unsuspecting men, women and children wherever they went? What if literally all Hell broke loos
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Similarities (final version) Robert William Braswell Homepage
When the unknown makes its presence felt, often the bizarre will elevate emotions to a new level, sending the mind to function in ways unheard of.
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