Stories By: Adam Williams

"Goodbye Granddad" Adam Williams Homepage
Written in 1995 as a year 8 student. I can see how this could be changed, but it will not be, as it holds a very special place in my heart, as I'm sure it does in Mum's. I hope you enjoy this piece.
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A Gentle Vignette Adam Williams Homepage
A brief look at Warrnambool...
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Nothing at Night Adam Williams Homepage
Involves everything that contributes to the nothingness of night...
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Awake Adam Williams Homepage
read it, you'll see...
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Perfect Rose Adam Williams Homepage
This is a poem I wrote some time ago, it means a lot to me...
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The Power and the Glory Adam Williams Homepage
This was written during a short break from exam study. It started merely as a scene in my head, which I painted into words. This is my form of art. Please give me some feedback on what you thought.
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