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north carolina
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history, literature, politics, and baseball


Why do you like writing?
candance moore: I hope to use my writing to teach people something about life and help readers see themselves more clearly.

When did you start writing and why?
candance moore: I got into it in middle school. I had a handful of writers that I loved to read, and I wanted to see if I could follow in their steps.

How long have you been writing?
candance moore: I've been working on my style for about 10 years.

What is the best book you have ever read?
candance moore: my favorite piece of fiction is Lonesome Dove

Who is your favorite author?
candance moore: Lois Lowry. Every time she puts out a new book, I know I will enjoy it.

What is the best story you have ever written?
candance moore: When I was still in school, I wrote a modernised story about Carmen San Diego and all my friends loved it.

What is some advice you would give new writers?
candance moore: practice, practice, practice. You have to find your own voice, and that only comes by working on it.