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knitting, crocheting, writing, reading, acting, playing viola


Why do you like writing?
Madelyn Roseen: It's hard to explain, but mainly it's an escape from reality where I'm in control.

When did you start writing and why?
Madelyn Roseen: I started writing after a move to a new home had been particularly difficult for me.

How long have you been writing?
Madelyn Roseen: For 12 years

What is the best book you have ever read?
Madelyn Roseen: That's a tough question. I'll go with A Christmas Carol because I love it so much.

Who is your favorite author?
Madelyn Roseen: P.B. Kerr, I love his ability to bring me into the world of his books while at the same time learning new things.

What is the best story you have ever written?
Madelyn Roseen: As the Blood Flows, my recent NaNoWriMo success.

What is some advice you would give new writers?
Madelyn Roseen: Let the creativity flow and worry about editing later.