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middlefield, CA, 94063
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Reading, swimmig, drawing


Why do you like writing?
jovanna ortega: All sorts of stuff depends if I really like the idea or not.

When did you start writing and why?
jovanna ortega: I started writing when I was 10 not that good of a wriiter but I was learning

How long have you been writing?
jovanna ortega: For 2 years now

What is the best book you have ever read?
jovanna ortega: I'll have to say that the Twilight saga is my favorite book seriesbecause i really like fantasy and that book has a little bit of both.

Who is your favorite author?
jovanna ortega: Stephenie meyer beacause she wrote the Twilight saga

What is the best story you have ever written?
jovanna ortega: I think the best story ive written is called Y her?? Y both of us??? but its a Short story.

What is some advice you would give new writers?
jovanna ortega: I would say just let your imaganation run free write some ideas choose the best one and start writing ask your friends never give up on what u started on.