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 “Watch your step,” Jesse warned Elizabeth. 

 Elizabeth grew exhausted when Jesse’s speed picked up. 

  “This is where Vanessa changed me,” 

  “Romantic,” Elizabeth joked. 

  Jesse tucked a strain of hair behind her ear. 

  “Why’d you take me here?” Elizabeth asked shyly. 

  “I wanted to-to tell you something,” Jesse admitted. 

  “If this about another human you killed...” 

  “Elizabeth-” Jesse broke off. 

  Elizabeth’s eyes twirled around his. 

  When he took her hands, she slowly pulled away. 

  “Can you take me home?” She asked quietly. 


  Jesse slowly began to drink his vodka. 

  He heard screeching around the room. 

  “I didn't know I had a visitor,” Jesse mumbled. 

  “Hello Jesse,” the voice whispered. 

  “You don't look familiar,” Jesse said lowly. 

  “My name is Michelle, you killed Thomas...” 

  “Okay. Whoa. Wait. Don't think you can just barge into my house, and tell me about some guy I killed years ago. Which frantically I don't even remember by the way,” Jesse scoffed. 

  In a flash Michelle’s hands were tightly wrapped around Jesses neck. 

  “And don't think that your ignorance is going to fly by me. I'm stronger then you Jesse, so don't test me,” she threatened. 

  “Your cute,” Jesse grunted. 

  “Don't test me,” she repeated. 

  “What do you want?” Jesse asked. 

  “I want what I have been wanting for a long time. Your going to pay, you killed Thomas so I kill...” 

  “Alright your getting annoying,” Jesse stopped to twist her arm that was around his shoulder. 

  He threw her down onto his floor. 

  “Your tougher then you look,” she grouched. 

  Her nails dug deep down into his waist. 

  Jesse hissed with pain. 

  “Go ahead and try an kill me. But, I tend to get what I want as well. Your life can easily be lost, don't under estimate the things that I will do,” Jesse warned. 

  “And you don't under estimate the things that I will do. Elizabeth is it?” She asked. 

  “Don't even think about it,” he barked. 

  “I think I will. Thomas is dead. As well as Elizabeth will be,” she warned. 

  Jesse blinked quickly, but it wasn't fast enough to catch her leaving. All that was left of her was her faint sent. 


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