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Road trip

  “Hey,” Jeremy opened the door to his room. 

   He saw on the edge of his bed, asleep. He smiled at the pleasant sight of Elizabeth sleeping. 

   When he took his jacket off, he sat down next to her. He started to gently rump his fingers down her cheek. Elizabeth’s eyes started to open slowly. 

  “Hi,” Elizabeth mumbled. 

   She made a sour face when Jeremy kissed her forehead. 

  “How long have you been here?” Jeremy asked. 

  “A while. Did-did you and Jesse go look for Vanessa?” Elizabeth asked. 

  “We found her, Jesse is dealing with her right now,” Jeremy answered. 

  Elizabeth smiled, and then wiped her eyes. She took one of his hands, and then kissed his fingers. Her hands started to trace towards his chest. 

  “Come to bed,” she brokenly whispered. 


  “Are you babysitting me?” Vanessa asked. 

  Jesse scoffed at her comment.

  “You’d like that wouldn't you?” Jesse asked. 

  “Ha. Why do you seem so spaced out? Did Elizabeth get to you?” She asked while running her fingers down her thigh. 

  “If she did-it's none of your God damn business,” Jesse barked. 

  “Your right its not, but it might be Jeremy’s don't you think?” She wiggled her eyebrows at her question. 

  “What are you talking about?” Jesse asked annoyed. 

   “I'm just saying. You tend to steal you what you don't have,” she mumbled.

  Jesse tightened the chains that were wrapped around her neck. When she grunted, his grip grew tighter.  

   “I'm going to enjoy killing you,” Jesse admitted. 

   She started to chock when his danced across the chains. 

   “Jesse. You can stop torturing her, it's not going to do anything,” Jeremy called behind them. 

   “Jeremy, its always nice to see you,” Vanessa screeched. 

   “I wish I could say the same about you,” Jeremy murmured. 

   “I'm out of here,” Jesse groaned. 

   “Elizabeth is at our place, so as a favor can you please watch over her?” Jeremy asked. 

   “I don't know if thats a good idea Jeremy,” Vanessa growled. 

   “Go to hell,” Jesse barked. 

   “Oh you and I both know, that's where you and I are both headed,” Vanessa answered. 


   “Hey Jesse,” Elizabeth said cheerfully. 

   “Why are you all dressed up?” Jesse asked. 

   “I'm headed out to my fathers house,” she answered. 

   “No your not,” Jesse growled. 

   “Yes I am,” Elizabeth fought back. 

   “Jeremy asked me to watch over you, so I am,” he mumbled. 

   “Did you just say that Jeremy told you to watch over me? Jesse never listens to what anyone says, better yet he never does what anyone says,” Elizabeths arms folded across her chest. 

   “I don't like it either,” Jesse grouched. 

   “So why do it?” Elizabeth asked. 

   Jesse moved a strain of hair behind her ear, when she hesitated to move. 

   “Come on. Let's get out of here,” Jesse said. 


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