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Back in town

  “Rebecca I thought you said you were taken care of things,” Jesse growled. 

  “I thought I did. I can only do so much, if she founds out that I still have my powers, she can easily take them away from me.” Rebecca pleaded. 

 “Let's get one thing straight. I know what Vanessa can do. So, don't sit there and think for one second that I don't. Do what your told,” Jesse barked. 

  “What Jesse means Rebecca, is we really need your help. Vanessa and Reese are after everyone that is chained to Jeremy and I. That means Elizabeth, her family, your family, and anyone else that is connected to us. She is powerful, and we need to stop her before she gets any closer,” Jeremy said. 

  “Great. Sugar coat it, why don't you suggest us to go pick flowers and daisies. None of this is a damn Easter egg hunt. Were here to kill Vanessa,” Jesse growled. 

  “We don't need to kill her Jesse,” Jeremy mumbled. 

  “If we don't, she is going to destroy us. Elizabeth as well, and you and I both know you don't want that,” he responded. 

  “Jesse,” Jeremy brokenly whispered. 

  “She’s stronger,” Jesse finished. 


   Jesse turned the flashlight in the direction of the woods. 

   “Are you sure this is going to work?” Jesse asked Jeremy. 

  “Trust me. Vanessa feast on teenagers here at night,” Jeremy answered. 

  “Ah. Young teens caught groping in the woods. Those were the days, too bad we have to end theirs. It's a shame we have to kill hot young cheerleaders and their whipped boyfriends. Although...” Jesse stopped to examine three bloodless bodies on the ground. 

 “They taste so good,” he finished while licking the ends of Vanessa’s scraps. 

  “Vanessa has been here. I'm going to go up front, and keep an eye on things,” Jeremy told him. 


  “My parents will be angry if we don't leave now Tommy,” a young girl said to her boyfriend. 

  “Oh come on. There probably past out. Let's just have some fun,” he mumbled across his words. 

  Jesse scoffed when he examined them from behind the tree he was in. 

  “Don't you think it's a little past curfew,” Jesse called behind them. 

  “Mommy and daddy are probably worried sick about you two,” he said while winking at the girl. 

   “Hey listen man. We don't need a chaperone. So why don't you do us a favor a leave,” the male teenager threatened. 

   “Hmm. I smell alcohol,” Jesse hinted. 

   “Hey. I said leave us alone,” he reminded. 

   The mans hand traced right above Jesse’s shoulder. 

   Jesse took his arm, and slammed it into the side of the tree. He caught a whiff of his human smell. It smelt delicious. Jesse traced his lips around his neck, and clawed his teeth deep into his skin. 

  “No. No. Please,” he heard over his shoulder. 

  Jesse turned around to see the girl crying. She was sitting on the ground with her knees in front of her face. 

  Jesse threw her dead boyfriend’s body to the ground. 

  Jesse charged for her. 

  “Jesse stop. This isn't what we came here to do,” Jeremy emerged to him quickly. His hand on his arm tightly. 

  The girl stood behind them, and when he smiled she ran to Jesses leftovers. 

  “You killed him. You took him from me,” she cried. 

  She held onto him as tight as she could. 

  “Your really annoying you know that,” Jesse grouched. 

   “Jesse,” Jeremy mumbled. 

   “On second thought,” Jesse whispered. 

   Jesse lifted the girls head, he kissed her neck, and then pricked at her neck. 

   “Your not scared...are you?” He asked. He began to compel. 

   “No,” she whispered. 

   “Good. Now. What I want you to pick up that branch, and stab yourself with it,” he whispered in her ear. 

   “Jesse!” Jeremy whispered. 

   The girl took the branch off the ground, and quickly pounded it in her lower chest. She gasped slowly, and then dropped to the ground. 

   “Satisfied?” Jeremy asked disgusted. 

   “Pleased,” Jesse answered.


  “Wow. That was fun to watch,” they both heard. 

  Jesse smiled, and then clinched his jaws. 

  “We’d knew you show,” Jesse mumbled under his breath. 

  “Smart boy,” Vanessa whispered behind the bushes. 

  Neither Jeremy or Jesse could see her face yet. The darkness swelled her face. 

   “Show your face Vanessa,” Jeremy demanded. 

   “Well that's no fun, but since you asked so politely-” Vanessa stopped to leap in front of them. 

   “Why. You look different,” Vanessa told Jeremy. 

   “Its a shame you don't,” Jeremy answered. 

   “Wow. Where did you hear that one? Jesse?” She asked factiously. 

   Vanessa smiled when she ran her fingers down Jesses chest. 

   “Jesse,” she whispered. 

   “Vanessa,” he whispered. 

   She looked at the dead bodies Jesse had killed earlier. 

  “Your still feeding, I thought you would stop once you got hooked onto these humans. Jeremy did I see. He looks like he hasn't eaten in centuries. If you want some blood, all you have do is ask Jeremy,” she told him flirtatiously.

  “No thanks,” he said. 

  “Hmm. What about you Jesse? Want some? I know you do,” she moaned. 

   “Vanessa sometimes I just rip that unfathomable head of yours off,” Jesse told her. 

   “Please you wouldn't even if you could,” Vanessa told him discordantly. 

   Jesse scoffed, but before he could finish pushing his factious smile between his teeth, he quickly pushed her into the tree.  Vanessa grunted and then sighed whenever Jesse reexamined her body. His hands wrapped around her neck, and then he tightened his grip whenever she moaned. 

    “First don't ever test me, second I could, I can and I most certainly would,” Jesse warned. 

    “Do it I dare you,” Vanessa threatened. 

   Jesse licked his lips, and then pushed her harder into the wall. Jamming his claws into her throat. Vanessa hissed with pain, and then ran her fingers down his chest. 

  “Lets be rational about this Jesse,” Vanessa told him seductively. 

   Jesse forcefully pulled her hands off of him.

   Vanessa smirked as Jesse tightened his grip around her neck. 

     “I'm only going to tell you this once, get the hell out of here and never come back,” Jesse demanded. 

   “You don't want me gone,” Vanessa reminded. 

   “Now,” Jesse finished. 

  “Wow that human girl really got to you, didn't she? What's her name Elizabeth? How cute, your always going for Jeremy’s left overs,” Vanessa mumbled, while running her hands through his hair. 

  “I mean it Vanessa,” Jesse said in a firm tone.

  “Jesse wait. Don't kill her. At least not yet anyway,” Jeremy whispered. 


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