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Drowning My Misery

Drowning My Misery
I’m sitting on the couch, at the time thinking about the fun times I had with……Eric. Beer cans and bottles everywhere I look. By the way my name is…uh, Manny. Let me just give you a brief summary of my life with uh, Eric. I met him eight years ago and we’ve been together ever since, until that faithful night when……hold on let me go to the bathroom really fast I think I’m going to ……… rrrrrraaaaahhhhh! Cough, cough, cough. Before I start to hurl again let me tell you about what happened between us and how it changed my relationship with him.
“This is the last straw, Manny! I’m finally going to leave you and this relationship that we once called love!”
“Eric please don’t leave me. I’m sorry for what I did. What do I have to do to convince you!”
“Sorry, sorry, do you even know what the word means. Manny I have to leave you. Every time I see you even more I see him, Cory! And as for your question, no there isn’t anything you can do for me, except to leave me be. Goodbye Manny, and remember this, no matter how much I hate you will always have a place in my heart.”
“No Eric, please. I don’t want to be alone.”
Creeeeeaaak. Slam.
And that was the last I saw Eric. I heard that he found a sturdy and reliable relationship with his new lover. As for me, I never saw Cory again. I guess he thought this was a one night stand.
From then I started to drink and take drugs to get rid of this aching pain from inside. It started to work at first, actually it never did, it just made things worse for me. I guess you would say that I’m a screw up or something and well I’d probably agree with you. I had something great going and I ruined it with some pathetic excuse like ‘I’ll never do it again’. Well this is the end because I’m about to hurl and the last time you’ll hear from me so, goodbye and thank-you for listening.
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