LUCIA HAS BEAUTY. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Love Bookmark and Share


Lucia has beautiful buttocks.
You picture them through
The tight thin cloth of her pants
As she bends over to put down

Drinks on the small glass table.
Thank you, Lucia, Mario says,
And she moves away, back to
The kitchen, her ass waving at you

As she walks off across the floor.
Mario watches her go, his eyes dark
And juicy like ripe plums. You drink
In the beauty of her buttocks

And keep the treasure of them
Locked away in a corner your mind.
Mario converses on the business
At hand, his words vibrating the air,

The essence lost you to as you
Imagine Lucia sitting in your lap
Blessing you with the softness
Of her buttocks, her eyes peering

Into yours, her lips just lingering
A small distance from your lips.
Mario raises his glass and sips.
You follow his action, sipping

The red wine, his words still there
In the afternoon air, waiting for
Your reply. You nod your head,
Hoping the gesture is answer

Enough, breathing in Lucia’s
Perfume she’d left behind.
Mario smiles and shakes your
Hand, his eyes sparkle like

Fireworks, his handshake is
Firm and strong. You wish
It was Lucia’s hand you were
Holding, her flesh on your flesh,

Her seductive smile reaching out
To you like a saving hand to one
Drowning in a deep sea of love
For another man’s sexy wife.

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