HENRY WATCHING GIRLS. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Life Bookmark and Share


Henry will watch girls pass
Most of the day, especially
The young ones, the blonde
Ones, the tall ones, the ones

With fine figures, the ones
Who look at him disdainfully,
The ones who smile out of pity.
He thinks he remembers their

Mothers, the same look, the
Same way of walking, the same
Disdainful gaze, the smiles of
Pity. He recalls their fathers,

Good looking guys, tall, strong
Boned, muscle armed, bronzed
Skinned, blue eyed boys from
The right side of the track. Henry

Knew their mothers better, got
Inside their panties, unhooked
Their bras, unzipped their skirts
And dresses. Henry looks and takes

Them all in, imagining the daughters,
Maybe his daughters, unknown
Nights, boozed, all night love ins,
Sex and booze, youth and music

And good old rock and roll and
Maybe dimly, some young chick,
Her legs about his waist, reciting
Poems from memory, and someone

Opening and closing the door and
The Grateful Dead music on loud
Going around and round his head.

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