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As he stepped over the road another universe formed, in the one he started by looking left, the other right. The one where he looked right he saw a car coming and didnít cross, but in the other, he looked and didnít see, his life had ended in that universe.

Back home his wife lay pregnant, the police arrived at her home and informed her of the news, she was heart broken, moments latter she went into labor, she went to the hospital and gave birth to a beautiful baby who would grow never knowing her father.

Meanwhile in the other dimension, he was arriving home, as she was going into labor, he didnít care, he made her get a taxi to the hospital while he sat at home looking up child porn on the internet.

As years past the little girl became increasingly pretty and even more intelligent, on one side she longed for her unknown father, but always with a thirst for knowledge. On the other, she despised him, spending more time crying than getting smarter.

He was a mean son-of-a-bitch who used to hit her and her mother, one day he crossed the line, while the mother was shopping, he was being a sick horny fuck, and since her mom wasnít there to screw, he went for her, she was only 3, and took her into the room and started to try and screw her, she screamed and screamed. He got frustrated at her tightness, and just ripped her legs behind her back like a plastic doll. He rapped her as she was dying and when he was finished and she was dead, he threw her into the bathroom like a toy. He left and moved somewhere else, leaving a more than believable depressed mother.

Over the other end, she was begging to become extremely smart, and forgetting about her father. She was becoming an extremely gifted young person, at only the age of 3, her mother had already put her into schools for the gifted where her teachers discovered she was the most gifted child she had ever met. Her education soared. By the age of 6 she was doing high school work. She had also made a friend, someone who was also really smart but had no friends, he took a liking to her, and they became best friends, he was no longer feeling upset about having no friends, and started to study.

Back in the other dimension her mother had become extremely depressed from her daughter horrific death. She couldnít go on, she couldnít love again after what he had done, she ran a bath and took a knife to her wrist, and no one found her for 5 days. At the school she missed out on the friend she didnít make was really upset from having no friends, he stop learning and was taking out of the school for the gifted and sent to a normal school, the kids there picked on him and made him feel upset everyday.

On the good end she was at the age of 15 now and was already taking the highest courses the world had to offer in science and maths. She was claimed to be the greatest mind the world had every known. Her best friend remained that way and they helped each other out where ever they needed it, if it were her upset from never knowing her father or him having only one friend. They were always there for each other and they treasured it more than anything.

In the other universe however, one sick horny man had ruined her wonderful life so he could have pleasure for a few minutes. The friend she never made was having the worst life than anyone else. He had no friends, he was known as a freak and they all picked on him because he was weak.

Back in the world where her father died, she had become famous, as well as her best friend, they were the smartest people to ever walk the earth, they had solved more medical diseases like cancer and aids, and had made discoveries about the universe and its origins. They had helped develop the best technology around were really rich, but most of all they still had each other.

Although things were a lot worse in the other world, Aids and Cancer were killing millions, technology was behind and many questions about the universe where still unanswered. But mostly, he was depressed more than possible, he lay in his home, which was nothing more than a box in the street, he had dropped out of school at 16, the bullying was to bad, but it still taunted him every night, all the laughing, all the pain inside. He couldnít handle it, he knew he had to end it.

But where her father hadnít ruined their lives, they were winning the noble prize. And where living the best lives possible.

But he had had enough in the other world. He bought a rope and ended it all.

That is how the thoughtless actions of a single dirty sick bastard can totally ruin the life of not only the person he does something to, but the lives of everyone who could ever have had any contact in anyway with that person.
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