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Homelessness...Not just at Holidays

The thing that really gets me, is this, The only time that the homeless people are only recognized during the "Holidays" Any other time...they are considered.....BUMBS.............But, are they?

In todays world, The way that the economy is, it is extremely hard for one person to make a living on "Min. Wage" But yet, that is to help people "Make it"!!!! Yea right! Where? Not here!!
Then, if you have a family..... Oh, "this will keep you going" BULL!

So, the scenario here is this... Hard working people, get a bad break in life, and end up homeless........are "stereo typed" BUMBS. Is that a fair assumption? Do you know what ASSUME
means? YOU make an ass out of YOU, AND ME!
Think about it!

There are "HOMELESS" people 24 hrs per day, 7 days per week! Many of them have no choice! Yes... Some do! Such as a man in Charleston, WV. Was homeless, every thing he owned was in a shopping cart, When he died..... Authorities found that he was worth over, THREE MILLION DOLLARS! That was his choice! But, that is not the case in all! That man, was extremely fortunate! But, didn't want any one to know. Maybe, he was researching. Know one knows, but, him.

Next time you see a "Homeless" person....Talk to them, Get their story. But, remember this, Homelessness is in the USA everyday of the year. Another thing to remember.......One day..It could actually be YOU!
Nothing in life, is a guarantee!

Terry Howell

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