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The Gift - the Present Moment.

I ponder and ponder and ponder as I lie on my pillow in the night that was silent
except for the cuckooing of the far away cuckoo that frequently asserted it's presence.
The soft sweeping sound of dry leaves echoed on my pillow.Far away in the horizon,
a star, smiled at my despair only to ease it .It held on tight to a gift like it was
a treasure.

As I looked ahead at the horizon,it promised me the world and held on to a gift which
resembled the present, the one by the side of my pillow that was a round,silver framed piece
that had three hands moving over it's circumference - THE PRESENT.

The star whispered to me in an angel-like tone ," I'll let out a secret, sweetie pie,
I plan to give you this gift provided, you cherish the one beside your pillow.Well, if
you don't I'm afraid my gift will remain a mirage forever.Bye sweetie!"

Hearing this, my heart lightened and dozed off all set to dream, about the
ribboned 'n' groomed gift as the trio on the cute rounded piece went circling
around like calm, unruffled veterans going about their work.

Then,as the day dawned the sun flashed it's regal smile like I knew what it's
all set to do.I looked around ,things seemed different, but..nope!they were the
same,it's that my glasses were tinted in green and not in blue this time round!

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