The Fairy in the Woods | By: Laxmi Vishwanathan | | Category: Poem - Fantasy Bookmark and Share

The Fairy in the Woods

The leaves sway joyfully as the fairy passes
through the woods with her eyes smiling .
Enchanted and bewithched by the silky feel of
her pearly robe, the shrubs smile naughtily
at the envious look on Sun above, that's
tempted to dress itself in clouds, shines 'n' gleams,
all that it can do.

The eagle beckons her to party along while the
birds around with gaily hues twitter protectively
and glare high above at the eagle though she walks
along smiling as the yellow daffodils cuddle ,
beaming with content in her arms looking at their
fellow beings with child-like pride.

She goes round 'n' round the woods handling butterflies
with her tender hands as they feed on her love and
live on for a few days more!

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