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A Traitor's Treasure

     It is a crisp autumn afternoon when Mr. and Mrs. Seedley go for a car ride.  The elderly couple love their daily drive in the country.  Around the curves they go, looking at the foliage changing colors on the trees.  As they approach the crossroads, they see the turn they always make has construction work today.  Their only option, is a road they avoid at all costs.

     As they head down the road, the air suddenly changes cold and a chill goes up their spines.  The car radio which had been playing their favorite oldies is now breaking up and cutting out.  All goes silent.

     'Go!  Go!  Hurry before it gets us!'  Mrs. Seedley screams in terror.

     Her husband pounds his foot on the gas pedal as they speed down the road and finally away from the hidden danger.




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