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Fat Disease

I was a scientist, I have been a scientist most of my life dedicating myself to the discovery of a technology to help people get out of fat stages. People are gaining waay to much weight these days and I had been trying to work on a discovery of imploding the fat and making people thin again. I was very close to getting it. Me personally was very fat, I was as fat as could be.

I finally got it! The right ingredients were there, and I tested it, my stomache began to bubble and rumble, I felt my stomache exploding inside and went flying backwards, knocking things over, flying around the room bouncing on things until I hit the wall and got knocked out.

I awoke having a really bad head ache and got up easily, oddly enough. I walked up to the mirror and everything on me was thin, I was a thin monster! Even my tools shrunk how depressing, but I was think. I ran out of the room, running and jumping, about me being thin. However when I was outside I was suddenly sqaushed by some big fat woman into the wall. I try to get around her just to get hit by another fat person and pushed into the wall. I could not move, everytime I did, I would just get smooshed again, finally I saw a clearing. I ran to it, to see cars, several of fthem with people in them, the people were stuffed inside them, pressed up against the windows and sticking outside the sides of the cars. It looks like they were stuffed in there. I could not believe my eyes, what was going on? Did I get skinny or did everyone just get really fat.

The look on peoples faces as they are scrunched into the windows was the most funny thing you have ever seen.Like a little kid pushing their face on the windows or glass. The look in their faces as if they had no idea what was going on, but could still drive fine.

Obviously whatever I did, I turned skinny and EVERYONE turned fat, I wonder whats up with the people who were already fat.
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