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The Dentist

As I sat in the waiting room so many thoughts raced through my head. What if I don’t wake up when they put me under? What if my breath smells like cat shit? I couldn’t help it. The assistant finally poked his head out and said Ed we can take you now. Wow a male assistant I thought, thats a new one. As I layed my head back the dentist walked in with this big goofy smile on his face. How are we doing today Ed he asked. I’m doing ok just alittle nervous I told him. Nothing to be nervous about buddy he grinned. Something seemed alittle out of wack because these to guys were eyeing each other up hardcore. The assistant turned the gas on and said time to go nappy nappy. This guy was so gay Andy Dick would be jealous. When he put the oxygen over my face I started to relax. He should be out now said the assistant. The dentist laughed and pulled down his pants. Wait a minute I screamed, but they couldn’t hear me. I realized they didn’t put me all the way under. What the fuck is going on here I thought? The assistant grinned and said he’s out cold, lets get this party started. He made his way over to the dentist and fell to his knee’s. This guy started blowing my dentist like the Titanic was going down. All the slurping and sucking noices were enough to make any straight man puke. The assistant was a rather large man with curly black hair. I have to say he looked alot like Ron Jeremy the porno actor. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I tried to move, but I couldn’t. My dentist put his head back taking in all the pleasure. Stop stop the dentist groaned, I don’t want to cum just yet he gurgled. The assistant stood up and pulled down his scrubs. My dentist dropped to his knee’s and started tossing this fuckers salad. This big hairy asshole was lying across me while his ass was getting ate out. I was hoping this was a nitemare and I would wake up, but it wasn’t. There I think its moist enogh I heard the dentist whisper. When he stood up his cock was hard as a rock. Be gentle The assistant murmered. With one quick thrust these two guys were in a full blown butt fuck right on top of me. I thought the dental chair was going to pop out of the floor. The assistant moaned with glee, go slow he yelled I ate Mexican last night. As the dentist pumped and thrust in and out of the assistants asshole I heard a snap crackle pop. The dentists cock must have took suction with this cocksuckers ass because when he pulled out shit blew all over his stomach. The dentist looked down with a smile and said not again Richy. Richy smiled and said lets clean you up. Richy like dropping to his knee’s so he did it again. This time he licked all the liquid shit from the dentists belly. Still tastes like yesterdays loaded burrito he whispered. The dentist looked down and said give papa a taste. Richy stood up and gave the dentist a full out mouth kiss. Watching these two assholes swapping shit spit was enough to let my teeth rot out of my face. You forgeting something asked the dentist? Richy dropped to his knee’s again and began sucking this fuckers shit covered dick. Almost there Richy almost there he groaned. Finally he poped off all over Richy’s face. Good shot Doc Richy laughed. With his face dripping with man seed Richy walked over to me to check the oxygen. About ten minutes to go he yelped. I got this the dentist said. He pulled up a chair and went to work in my mouth. With his hands covered with Richy’s burrito shit he stuck those to big paws in my mouth shifting and moving my teeth around. What the fuck is going on. When he finished I came all the way out of my mini coma and these two looked as if they just ran a marathon. One thing I learned from this is, Richy’s shit does taste like yesterdays burrito’s. Have a safe dentist visit people!

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