The Rain that Wouldn't Go Away. | By: Frank Dullea | | Category: Short Story - Dark Bookmark and Share

The Rain that Wouldn't Go Away.

The rain hasn't stopped since I've been here. It's been a long, long time. The depressing rain, when will it end? The loud thunderous fury of the water pelting against the roof was indeed enough to drive me to madness. The torment of the deafening downpour was sucking my will to live. I will be here for eternity and I must endure this pain a thousand fold. Always will I exsist within your heart, always will I exist within your soul. For I am the wind, the rain and the pain felt in your crying wish. To shun me is to shun the air you breathe. There is no escape from the wrath of evil. It is alive and breathing under the soil you tread upon. It is aware and controls your actions every moment. Where there is a plus, there is a minus. Where there is good, there is evil. Every second thought you have I control. I shape your desires, and control your betrayals. All your fears I've designed. All your pain makes me stronger, and the tears you cry quenches my thirst. All the doubt you've ever felt only makes you weak and unsure. For I am the dark side. The side you will never see, but I am always there. Always there to watch over your sorrowful weak, little human souls. A soul that you would sell me in a second for a drop of wine or a piece of flesh. Your will makes me laugh, and your strength puts me to sleep. For you are puny compared to the eternal power of evil. I will rule the days as I do the nights. I am closing in on your exsistence. Millions have already accepted me and millions more will soon follow. We will all join together for the final apocolypse. The final war of wills. And I am ready to conquer all. Come to me and embrace me. Are you ready?
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