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King of the back yard

King of the Backyard


I am the king of my backyard . My job is to defend my kingdom from the trespassers. My first defense is to bark. I bark at the bikers who ride through our front yard. I bark at the dogs that smell our front lawn. I bark at the leaves that fall into our backyard and the squirrels that jump on the tree to make the leaves fall into our backyard. My second defense to guard my kingdom is to send my lazy knight  Kuma, to help me chase the intruders out of our yard. Most of the time, Kuma just looks at me and thinks I am crazy. Sometimes, he even ignores me and goes back to his kennel to sleep.


So I am a lonely king who works hard to protect my property and family. During the night, I bark to scare the impostors away from our house. Usually, twenty minutes into my loud and mighty bark, the superior beings (the humans) will try to stop me. They will tell me to go back to my kennel. However, I am determined to protect my family. I am the king of my backyard, and it is my destiny to guard my family from harm. I continue to bark and chase the enemies away and the superior beings continue to overrule my decisions.

Superior Auntie Becky told Superior mommy that I am a dog with mental disorder, which is why I cannot stop barking. This is not true at all. I know what NO barking means. Even though the superior mommy always asks me “Tiger, what part of ‘NO’ don’t you understand”, and Auntie Becky always adds, “The ‘N-O’ part,” the fact is, I know what ‘NO’ means. When mommy says it, it is always mean and demanding. I obey! I always stop what I am doing and behave. It is just that after 10 seconds, the word “NO” comes in my right ear, travels through my brain, and “poof” it busts out my left ear and disappears . 

Then, all I remember is, “I am the king of the backyard again.” My fate in life is to alert my people when trespassers come close to our land. I think I am making the right judgments, however, why are my decisions always being overruled by the superior beings? Regardless of what the superior beings think, I know I am the rightful king of my kingdom. I will continue to bark loudly and clearly to scare the intruders away from my territory no matter how many times I have been overruled!

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