Betrayed | By: Sara Parkinson | | Category: Short Story - Dark Bookmark and Share


I ran faster, tears burning in my eyes. I had been betrayed by the people I'd once called my friends. For all my life I had trusted them to stand by me, and this is how they repayed my trust.

For a while now, I'd become someone new. Someone I didn't recognise. There were moments when  I couldn't remember who I was or where I was. I started to hear whispers, and kept seeing visions in my dreams of terror and death on the village. I'd heard the names I'd been called: psychic, weirdo, witch. They were all just names to me. I was different, and I liked it. I had power.

The brambles caught my ankles and legs as I ran. Behind, I could hear the voices of the villagers and could see the glow of their torches. My breath came in gasps, but I couldn't turn back. The villagers would  do whatever it took to see me burn. They were blinded by hatred, and seemed to think sacrificing me would make everything fine again. They believed me responsible for the plagues and the darkness that had befallen Ravenscar. The Curse. I heard footsteps in front and skidded to a stop petrified.

I sighed a breath of relief as Jared stepped out of the bushes. He walked towards and pulled me forward, then wrapped his arms around me, filling my body with warmth and comfort. I could feel the wetness of his tears on his face and he whispered my name gently. For a moment I forgot about the angry mob and dissolved in our little world of happiness.

The screams made us both jump, and grabbing my hand, Jared began to run, pulling me with him. We entered the meadow, but we were too late. Across the vast space, more of the crowd were appearing with blazing flames in their hands. Jared's hand tightened around mine as we were surrounded with no escape. I felt beaten and I silently surrendered. Tears leaked out of my eyes as I thought about my fate.

Arms roughly pulled me away from Jared, and I clutched at his hand, my only comfort. It slipped and we were pulled away from each other. I saw him try to fight his captors, but it was no use. We were outnumbered. I stopped struggling and stood limply. I was pulled towards a tree and tied there tightly. I looked up and saw the town mayor come forward with a lit torch. He looked hesitant and I could see the regret in his eyes. But he had no other choice but to do this. His people were more important than my life was. He threw the torch at the bottom of the tree, right next to my feet.

I bowed my head waiting for the pain.

The last sound I heard was Jared screaming my name.


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