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Cowboy Johnny



There's a cowboy named Johnny


Who was a sharped-dressed man


He got on his horse and went


And rode into town


Then he went to the big saloon


Where he met Ol' Jeremiah


And he asked him, "What's the matter?"


He said, "Let's have a duel."


(Slide guitar solo)

Then Johnny took a drink of Root Beer


Then he got out his shotgun


He and Jeremiah went out of the saloon


And they had a big showdown


Then Johnny looked at Jeremiah


Then Jeremiah did the same


They he got out his gun so fast


And shot Ol' Jeremiah down


Then Johnny was so proud


That she shot him down


He took a drink of Root Beer


And then he went on home


(Slide guitar solo)


Now that's the story of Cowboy Johnny


Who was a fastest gunslinger in the West


Some called him "Fast Gun Johnny"


And that's a story about him


(Harmonizing) Cowwwwwbooooyyyyy Johnnnnnnnnyyyyy

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