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Bee Happy be healthy

Decades ago, when I was a mere teen, my parent took my sister and myself to visit our aunt who lived in the country.

On one of these trips to visit she asked if I would help her throw some trash on the pile beside the shed that had been knocked off it.

Being nice I gladly said yes and we headed out the door.

It was early summer and a very warm day.

Several items had fallen wooden planks, chicken wire, as well as several odds and ends.

We began picking it up tossing it as high on the pile as we could.

After several minutes we came across a door lying at the bottom of the trash.

My Aunt Eveline went around the door to the far end while I stayed at the opposite end.

We grabbed the edge of it and lifted, underneath a hole that may have been as large as an Eisenhower dollar.

I thought nothing of it, but my Aunt had already ran past me and was a good 10 feet away an still moving.

That's when I understood why bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and a bumble bee popped out of the hole an hovered about 3 feet over it.

Well, that was all I needed.... I dropped the door which fell leaving the hole exposed.

My aunt was hundreds of yards away by now and stopped to watch.

I was fast but the bee was faster. I ran and ran looking back over my shoulder every once in a while.

I see the bee 10 feet behind me....7feet behind me.....5 feet behind me........3 feet behind me.

Closer and closer it got each time I looked and I had nearly reached where my aunt was.

2feet..........1 foot..............6 inches....................oh God what do I do.................the bee had caught me and just as I turn my head forward and feel the bee touch my earlobe I do a dead stop in my tracks.

The bee had my earlobe and with the momentum the bee swung back and forth back and forth.

When the ride was over for the bee it just let go and flew back to it's home, and I was left unharmed.

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