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into the darkness

I have woken up in a mysterious place canít breath that could be like the air in outer space then I heard a voce it sounded familiar its dark and cold as if death is following me I heard someone screaming help like there being chased so I followed the voice†† who ever it is calls my name I run towards the voice I tripped and once I tried to get up I felt around on the ground I was in a puddle of blood then I feel a body on the groundI was scared I rushed and got upthen everythingjust stopthenI heard deep breathing I turned around and then there it wasthe voice I heard was human mouth all bloodiedat first I didnítbelieve it but once I started to run I thought I was far from that monster but it ended up in front of me I stopthen it bit into my neck then somebodyshot at it and it stop feeding on me and disappeared then I passed out the next day I woke up in a laboratory then I sat up my mouth was in extraordinary pain then I remembered what the vampire said to me youíll have to feed then I could feel the fangs growing the man who was my savior had become my victim then I checked my jacket and there was a ring in it on and left im on top of a building at knight looking on the beautiful city Iíve escaped that prison because I know I have to feed to live and I think I like my new found power

The end Damon shadow

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