Why Not? | By: Elisabeth Jacobs | | Category: Short Story - Other Type Song Bookmark and Share

Why Not?

torn between two guys, wish this was easy but it's not.

look into their eyes, i dont wanna lose but the choice is mine.

i thought i had it all, thought everything was alright

until you came along now i dont know which ones right.

try to keep the thinking out of my mind.

try to just let the answer come...


why cant i?

this choice should be easier than others ive had to make.

whih one's right?

i try to think i know i cant wait.

i thought i'd seen the light, but why am i standing here in the dark

i dont know who you are, why not?


one is sweet, the other dangerous

which one do i choose?

take the safe route or choose the hard way...

maybe either way i lose.

sometimes we dont know what at the end of this road.

just gotta choose and find out when you get there....

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