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The Mysterious Person

It was a foggy night in Brooklyn,New York. Emma couldn't go to sleep. Emma was a orphan her parents had died when she was four. Then one night she got a letter saying to meet her at the Pier 17 harbor at eleven o`clock at night. She ignored the letters for while. But one night she decided to go. Hello she said first the man didn't answer then he said I`ve been waiting for you Emma said the man. How did you know my name asked Emma. Lets just say i was a friend of your fathers said the man. But whats your name Emma asked. That you don't need to know said the man. Lets go now were running late said the man. Go where? Asked Emma. Your going to go to Italy with me. But how can I trust you the man said something that her father alwise to her a gave her a smile that made her feel like she had known him since she was little. Then the man got out his lantern and swung it three time and out of nowhere came a ship. Lets go said the man are u a captain asked Emma yes said the man just like my father indeed said the man when they got in the boat the man said the room to ur right is your room to sleep in. Emma got tierd and said good night to the man and went to sleep. The next day the man and Emma had a great time.They had arrived in Italy over the night they had the best Italian food then the next night they went back to New York and exporled the city. When Emma woke up the morning the man wasn't to be fond then Emma fond a note on the table saying sorry Emma it was my time to go the time i spendeded with was the best sorry i couldnt spend that time with you when you were four I will love you forever your father When fond out that the man was her father she cried!! But she knew her dad had to go.

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