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The Horse That Was Physically Phfffftttt...

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Jessica's fourth grade class sold five hundred boxes of chocolates and won
the school contest. First prize--six free horseback riding lessons!

The anxious fourth graders arrived at Chamberlain's horse farm by school bus.
Mary, the instructor, greeted them and led the students to the stable
for lesson one: How to trot.

Jessica was assigned a horse that was a ringer for the proverbial "old
gray mare". "She won't make it out of the stable!", Jessica said under her

The corral was crowded and Jessica's old mare was bit in the behind by a
nasty horse. It barrelled off, leaving Jessica clinging on, screaming.
As it galloped around the corral, the old mare turned sharply and threw
Jessica off her back. A shaken Jessica was helped back on the old mare
by Mary.

"You need to get right back on the horse. Next week will be better for you
Jessica.", Mary reassured her.

Jessica retorted, "Lady, these lessons are free, but, please no more
old fogies for me!
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