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A Lethal Vow


Heather Richardson made a beautiful bride.

She sat in front of the mirror quietly staring

at her reflection.

 She was to be married in her parents multi

million dollar home.

 She came from good stock.Her Father being

a doctor, and her mother being a prominent


And now,she was about to be married to her

beloved Jim Hogkins.

 He, like she,also came from good stock.His

Father owned the biggest cattle ranch in


 She had been a big bundle of nerves for the

past year.

But now,she just needed some quiet time.

 She smiled at her reflection, as she ran

her hands down her twenty thousand dollar

wedding dress.

 She sighed,as she played with strand of

ten thousand dollar pearls that hung loosely

around her neck.She ajusted her five thousand

dollar vail to fit on her head properly.

 Oh yes! She had everything she needed to

make this a day to remember!

 Something old,Something new,Something borrowed,

Something blue.

 No expenses had been spared on her wedding.

 It promised to be the gala event of the south.

Her wedding.Morrisville Kentucky's finest.

The best wedding in centuries

 But, poor.poor Hearther.

 As she sat there gazing at herself in the mirror

on that beautiful sunny day, her wedding day.

 She was completely oblivious to the fact that

she was about to take:





                                          Chapter one

                                           The Wedding



" You better hurry Heather.You Don't want to be late for your own wedding,do you?"

 Mona,her maid of honor,poked her head around the corner.

 Heather,and Mona Daniels had been best friends since they were babies.

 And now,Mona was helping Heather prepare for her wedding.

 Heather knew that someday she would have to return the favor.

Mona was holding her to this!

 "Mona,let me see how you look in your dress",Exclaimed Heather,as she stood up

to grab a big bouquet of flowers that were sitting on a nearby dresser.

Mona twirled around slowly.

"My,you are beautiful Mona!"

 The lime green dress fit perfectly accenting her ting waist,and with her small, slim

shoulders,her long flowing brown hair,and her dancing brown chocolate eyes, she

looked magical.

 "Oh come now,Heather your the bride no one is as beautiful as you are."

The girls held hands and giggled.

 But when the clock chimed they know they better hurry, or they were going

to be late.

 All twenty brides maids, four flower girls, and two ring beares took their place

in line.

 "Well,this is it, are you ready?"

  Mona whispered in Heather's ear.

"Ready as I'll ever be".

She whispered back 

And with that, Heather being escorted by her Father, was led  down the  grand stairway

to the main floor to be married to her beloved Jim.

It seemed as if nothing could ever be wrong again.

 Heather was happy.All of her family.and friends had come to share in her happiness.

 After the vows were said,they had a big party

 It was like a fairytale come true













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