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View point 1 - Sam

Location-Hotel room



"Do you think the boy from the pool will come by?"  Sarah asked.

"I have no clue." I said in response

"I'm going to document today and get everyones picture"

 "This is Gabri's thirteenth birthday party. And this is Kimberly, this is Sam, lets go see the other girls. Open up! and this is J.C and Megan and Gabri."  She turned the camra off.

I got up and looked out the peekhole on the door, there I see a boy and his brother from the pool, who was stalking us.

I run to tell the others. "Sarah, Kimberly. The stalker kids are outside the door." Whispered laughing.

I walk to the bathroom to tell the other girls "Open up!"

They opened the bathroom door.

"The stalkere kids are outside the door." 

"I'm taking a video!!" Kimberly exclaims.


"knock knock." The little boy knocked on our door.

We run to get Gabri's Grandma.

"They knocked on the door!" We all said.

"Okay," Then she opens the door and threatens to call secerity, which later on she does, and the boys left and never came back.

We all burst into laughter

"ITS ON TAPE!!" Kimberly laughed.

Then we went to bed



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