I Don't Believe... | By: Joseph Piatt | | Category: Short Story - Dark Bookmark and Share

I Don't Believe...

"I don't believe in vampires," the man said, stumbling down the street. He tripped, and picked himself back up. It was still dark, but the horizon was brightening.
"No such thing as vampires..." he breathed, touching his neck. His fingers came away wet with blood. His eyes had dimmed, then changed to a bright, ice blue. His skin held a pallor that even the dead would cringe at.
"That wasn't a vampire...no such—" he broke down coughing, and vomited blood. It poured from his mouth and nose, covering his clothes with the now blackish liquid.
"Vampires' don't exist..." he fell to his knees, head hanging. He looked up as the sun slowly peeked above the horizon, then he screamed, and vanished, leaving behind a small pile of ash.
A small pile of ash, and his final cry, echoing off the old stone buildings...
"There's no such things as vampires..."
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