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Ecstasy.... A Parallel Sensation

Funny, in that crazy moment as her body went into uncontrollable spasms there was one relatively unimportant thought in her mind that was overriding all others: "Where are the Kleenex?"
Just an hour before, she had never even known this man; this man who now held her hand and urgently stroked her long delicate fingers; this man who knelt behind her, nuzzling the nape of her neck, tracing the curve of her shoulder with his lips and gently brushing her ear with short, breathless kisses. This man who, seemingly out of nowhere, had produced a bottle of sweet, white wine, it’s delicate perfume mingling with the close, musky odor of his maleness, conjuring up a cocktail of fragrances that seduced her senses in a languorous swoon as they sat in the long grass.

So, as the tickling sensation started and the uncontrollable waves began deep down within her, she had an overpowering desire to cross her legs. She squeezed her buttocks and felt her breasts swell as her back arched involuntarily, her head jerked back and her nipples became erect. Gasping for breath she shut her eyes tightly and, while her left hand grasped him for support and her right hand flailed about in a blind, frantic search, she succumbed to that primordial urge that cannot be denied, (but there was still that one screaming thought in her mind:) "Where are the Kleenex?" And then, in a short burst of indescribable ecstasy it was beyond her control:

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