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Call the Doctor

Dana had called at 7 p.m,but I didn't bother to pick up the cell phone.I was curled up in the corner of the dark room in my apartment.My eyes wide,teeth biteing down on my finger nails,tears pouring non stop.It was like nightmare.I was shooken on the edge of depression,I was close to the pool of blood that was supost to happen with one cut of the veins.There was no one that could of prevented of what had happened;no one I knew.I was topless,for the man who had abused me took it and had torn it in half.I tucked my head into my curled up knees,and slid my hands around my ankles like a sign of protection.

 The pupils in my eyes had gone blank.I had no expression,but a story to tell inside them.I was only 20,and a very bad age to be at these times.My cell phone was ringing again.The caller ID came up as "Dana" and a picture of my beautiful sister.Dana was younger than me;17 to be excact.She bought a dorm at college inside of staying with are foster family,which I never really got why.She loved our foster family just as much as our old one.She had metioned something about how someone had hurt me.So I had guessed our mother.But Dana said they had hurt me because they weren't going to let me find out.Our dad had died of a heart disease when I was 6,Dana only 3.Our mother got sent to an asylum for trying to drown me after claiming I was the cause of her husbands death.Even though she tried to kill me,I still loved her;like I loved dad.

  The phone rang once more.But this time,it was not Dana.On the caller ID poped up was the man."Zach".I forgot how to breathe,then.My heart skipped 2 beats.The phone stoped.I exhailed in relief.Zach..held so many good memories.We we're perfect soulmates,until he got pissed one night.When the phone rang again,it repeated his name.I didn't touch it,just scooted away to the other side of the room.Once I was away from the phone,I heard the little noise it makes when someone leaves a message.My heart began paceing and thumping loudly.Hairs on the back of my neck stood up.I crawled towards the cell phone.I was getting closer,then more to the point where I wanted to just die right then and there!I snatched the cell phone and drifted it up to my ear,where I began breatheing heavily once more.An auto answering machine came up when I opened the phone and pressed 'Ok' to check the voicemail."Please press 1 for more options."it said.I hit one."Please press-"I went faster and hit five."You have 1 unheard message.First unheard message."the auto machine stated.I listened.

  There was a man inhailing and exhailing at first,then the sound of him either walking or moveing the phone to a diffrent posision.My hearted throbbed into my throat,leaveing the feeling of emptiness in my chest.The message ended,and I hit two,too delete the message.I then threw the phone across the room,where it fell to pieces against the soild white wall.I stumbled backwards and began crawling to the corner again.I didn't even see it comeing!Mans hands of Zach reached out from behind me,and wraped around my mouth and breasts.They jerked me back which made me fall over.

  I then was being pulled to the big soft chair over by the fire place where man threw me over the chair and yanked down my pants and panties.The sound of unzipping echoed threw my ears.Then,a felt a big presure go up inside my anal.He stuck his finger into my mouth to keep me from screaming.I bit down on his finger and he let out a howl;then slamed my head down into the chair.My tooth cracked and my nose bled.I elbowed him and got free.I started climbing over the chair and hit the floor;where I slithered to  the home phone.Zach came up behind me and grabed my wrists and threw me up against the wall.I was pinned with his hands cuffed around mine.

  He slid to the floor and dragged me with him.Then he layed down and pulled me ontop of him.Zach slid his penis into my vagina and stroked my bottom as I was prisoned on him.He had tied my hands behind my back with a piece of his shirt he'd torn off,thus jabed a rag up into my mouth to prevent me from screaming. It felt as if hours had passed,but it was only minutes before I heard Dana's voice."Rebecca?"she  had called through the thick metal door.Another knock was followed when Zach began getting up and zipping up his pants.He almost walked off,but kneeled down and whispered into my ear,"Thanks,princess." Then kiss my ear,and licked it.His foot steps led into the bedroom,and the sound of a window being pulled up.My brown long hair fell messly onto my face as I was perched on my side.The knocking stoped,and I heard her voice through the door unabled to hear what she was saying.It only took 5 minutes until the police came bargeing in.I started to cry in joy through the rag jabed in my mouth.The police searched the aparment,scurrying every which other way.While,two police officers untied me and threw a towl over my nude body.

The police had escorted me down to the station and gave me some clothes to wear.I had never been so scared in my entire life.I mean,I'v had some pretty scary times but that was the worst.I began weeping again as I rethought of it.The man in the chair across from me took notes in alittle note pad as I explained.He finished writeing,and asked me,"Did this occur to you that maybe he wasn't trying to hurt you?"the doctor insisted.I leaned back in my chair and raised an eyebrow."What do you mean?Of course he was trying to hurt me.What else reason could there be?"I exclaimed demandingly.The doctor cleared his throat and said,"You told me earlier in the story your sister,Dana,had said 'someone' was going to hurt you because 'they' didn't want you to find out.Correct?" The doctor had made his point,so I agreed.But I still didn't know where he was going with this.His eyes panned around the room as if searching for spy cameras.Then he leaned up and in a whisperly tone,had asked,"Tell me,was your sister a tarot reader?"

  I tensed up.She had metioned to me once or twice that she was learning how to read tarot cards."I believe so,yes."I noded patiently."Do you think there was something more to that story,than was told?"he asked.I thought about it for a minute.It would make more sense if I had an explanation to why he abused me."Yes." I repeated."Okay.How about this,I get ahold of your sister,have her schedule a time to come in and I find out what happened.Okay?Do you agree?"the doctor held out his hand to seal the deal.I stared at it for a quick momment,and took his hand in mine."I do." The doctor smiled joyfully."Alrighty,just fill out this paper work and your free to go.The rest I'll handle,don't you worry." I noded and was on my way back to my apartment to catch up on some sleep.

  The next morning had come,and I got a message on my machine from my doctor.I hit "Play" and the message began rolling."Hello Rebecca,I got the information from your sister.Dana told me,she did use tarot cards and saw that ahead of time someone was going to hurt you.But she said it wasn't Zach,I'm.."his voice drifted off as I saw those words 'It wasn't Zach' in my head over and over.I then didn't feel so good,and fell to the floor.Vomit came pouring out my mouth and onto the thick fuzzy carpet.My front door slid open,and in came Dana.I saw a scalpel knife in her right hand."Oh god.."I vomited again just stareing at it.Dana walked towards me with heavy foot stephs,I began backing up.I puked again.Dana got down beside me and stroked my hair."Aw sweetie,you don't look so good." I inhailied and then,blood spat out of my mouth as the scalpel knife dug into my throat.I droped on my side,and died.Dana had got up afterwards,and cleaned up the blood so her hand prints seemed like she was never there.

  Dana had left,and a note beside me layed.She had called the police sobbing like she was dieing inside.The officers didn't find any evidence left for the crime scene.But they found the note and took it back to the station where it was analysed for tests.My therapist had come to the police station to examion the note.He sat down in a glass room,and read it to himself."Dear Doctor,I know your going to read this and If you don't,oh well.I told you Zach wasn't the killer.My mother was locked up,and my dad was dead.So who else would you have expected?You should of been carefull.I told you she'd get hurt.But I led the clues to whom,for you.I was the killer of Rebecca.Love,Dana Shards.~<3~.P.S,I'm takeing this to the next level." The doctor took off his glasses and placed his head in his palm."Oh my god."


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