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Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs
Day One
I shiverd as a cool breeze hit my neck, the sun was just coming up and the day was getting hotter. I tried to keep calm as I waited for the bus, it was my first day of 7th grade. I was so excited, yet I was also really scared, none of my friends would be in any of my classes.
I jumped when I heard the bus coming up the road, I picked up my bag and steped up to stand next to the road. I got on the bus and sat down in an empty seat. None of my friends were on yet, but they would be, I hope.
The ride was longer then I’d expected and none of my friends were on so that made the ride feel longer, as soon as I steped off the bus I saw my friend Amy. I walked up to her, “Hey Amy, excited yet?” I asked.
“Ya, Misty I’m so excited that I can hardly stay still” she said practicly bouncing up and down. I laughed, she always made me feel better. “Oh ya, and someone was looking for you. I think it was that boy from 6th grade feild day, wasn’t his name Keith” she said.
“Keith? But...Why?” I asked.
“Don’t know, all I know is that he wanted to know where you were” she said. I looked around, not many kids had arrived yet and I wanted to know why Keith wanted to see me.
“Hey Misty, nice to see you again.” I spun around towred the voice, it was Keith.
“Hi, uh, Keith. Nice to, um, see you again too” I said wearily. I had only met him once, and I didn’t really talk to him except in one of the activities we had to do.
‘Misty, what classes do you have today?” he asked.
“ I have english, reading, math, and study hall I think” I said.
“Cool, I have those classes to. maybe we will be in the same classes. Then we can sit together” he said.
“Ok, well in the classes we have together we can sit together” I said.
“Ok, cool, see you then!” he said and walked off.
“Well, he really likes you apparently” said Amy.
“Sure, he could. But what if he just wants to be my friend, couldn’t that be an option?” I asked. Somtimes Amy could be a real pain jumping to conclusions.
“Oh come on! You got to be kidding me. Misty he obviosly likes you, can’t you see that!” she said. I couldn’t beleive that she would do this. She’s jumping to conclusions about somone that she doesn’t even know.
“Amy, stop it, you don’t even know him. I barely know him” I said.
“Ya and that would explain why he wants to sit next to you in all the classes he has with you. And the fact that he remember’s your name so well and remembers what you look like and, I don’t know, who you hang out with!” she said. I guess I was really getting on her nurves.
“Like I said, what if he’s just trying to be my friend. He’s just trying to be friendly” I said.
“Well I still say he likes you, a lot!” she said walking off. Wow I didn’t ever think we would get into a fight over somthing like this. We barely ever got into fights at all.
The bell rang for the kids to go inside to their homeroom, I walked there alone. Alone. That’s how I felt,alone. Sigh, maybe the rest of the day will go better.I found my homeroom easily, with some help at least.
I looked around, the only kid I reconized was a boy that was in my class last year. I think his name was Dylan, or something like that. I saw an empty seat and put my stuff down, the seat next to me was empty and I didn’t know who was going to sit there.
“Hi Misty, I knew we were going to be in a lot of the same classes together, didn’t I?” said Keith walking up and setting his stuff down in the seat next to me.
“Hey Keith. Ya guess you were right” I said. I guess I wasn’t enthusiastic enough because he looked at me like I just said something that really hurt him.
“What’s wrong? I thought you wanted to sit with me. If you don’t want to sit with me I can go sit some where else?” he said.
“No it’s not you, me and Amy got into a fight” I said.
“Oh, well I’m sorry about you and Amy. But cheer up, you can make plenty of new friends, you know” he said. I knew he was just trying to be helpful and cheer me up, but it wasn’t helping.
“Thanks, but I still feel horible. I never knew we would fight over something like that. I mean we almost never fight about things bigger then that” I said. Now he was listening with intrest.
“What was the fight about?” he asked.
Oh no, I can’t tell him it was about him. That would be bad, and really really embaresing. I had to lie. “Well we were fighting about, um, well, um, a boy,” that wasn’t really a lie atleast. I’m really bad at lying.
“What boy?” he asked curiouse.
“Well it’s a boy we know” I said. That was true to.
“Would I know this boy?” he asked. Ok that’s going to be hard to lie about, because he knows the boy because he is the boy.
“Um, well I don’t know” I said looking at the desk. I really hope it wasn’t that obviouse that I was lieing.
“Lier!” I jumped and looked around to see Dylan next to me.
“What?” I said
“Your lieing, I can tell. When you lie you look guilty.” he said. Dang it! Since when did Dylan know that much about me?
“Says you” I stated boldly. “ What if I’m not lieing, what if I’m just looking guilty from my fight with Amy!” I retorted
“Not that guilty, I saw you walk in. You just looked scared, not guilty” he said. As you can notice, I really don’t like Dylan very much.
“Dylan, away, please, now!” I said.
“Ok, ok, I’m going. Just thought your new friend would like to know when your lieing” he said
Sigh. Why do I bother? I asked myself. My homeroom teacher got the classes attention. She started to tell us about lockers and combinations. The whole time I was in a daze, just barely getting anything the teacher said. I got my locker number and the combination and brought my stuff out to my locker.
I opened my locker in a few seconds. Soon Keith came with his stuff, his locker was next to mine and he stood watching me. “Can I help you?” I asked him.
“Dylan was right, you don’t look guilty at all. Just scared, and annoyed” he said.
I narrowed my eyes at him. He knew when I was lieing now, and it was all because of Dylan. “Ya, so what if I don’t look guilty this very second. I could have gotten over the fight by now couldn’t I!” I stated.
“Calm down Misty, don’t get upset. I was just saying, never mind” he said.
“Never mind what?” I asked.
“Oh, nothing” he said opening his locker.
“Tell me!”I demanded.
“Touchy, aren’t we” he said with a smirk.
“Why are acting so different now, then before, when I first met you?” I asked.
“I’m being myself. I always seem nice in the begining then I really am. I don’t know why” he said.
I looked at him astonished. “Well, ok. At least I like you better this way compared to before” I said. I whent back to putting my stuff away but he just stared at me. “What do you want?” I asked frustrated.
“You like me” he said simplely.
“What?” I asked him.
“You just said that you like me better then you did before” he said.
“I ment as a friend” I said.
“Really, what kind of friend?” he asked.
“A normal friend” I said blankly. He was going to see how mutch I liked him as a friend by seeing if I lied anytime soon, I really was hating Dylan right now.
“What kind of friend?” he asked inacently.
I sighed. He will just never give up apperently. I gave up and just ignored him, finishing putting the rest of my stuff away.
“Hey Misty. Long time no see!” I spun around to see Nick behind me. He used to be my friend but he kinda grew apart from me, I never really thought I would see him here. Unless he got transfered to some of my classes.
“Hi Nick, nice to see you to” I said. My neck was starting to ache from looking up at him. He had come up close to me and was barley an inch away from me. Plus he had grown from being 5’ 4” to 5’ 10”. He was really tall now.
“Miss me?” he asked in a wisper.
“What do you mean?” I asked. I knew what he ment.
“Come on, don’t you know what I mean” he said.
“Yes, I do. But I’m kinda pushed up ageinst a very uncomfertable locker” I said. He backed away a little and I looked at Keith. He was putting his stuff away in his locker and looked a bit unhappy.
“Keith you okay?” I asked him. He looked at me, pain in his eyes. Nick looked between me and him, then back to me.
“Sorry if I interupted anything between you two. I thought you were still my friend Misty” Nick said glareing at Keith.
“Bye Nick” I said to him. He shruged and went in my home room. That was bad! He thought something is going on with me and Keith and now he hates Keith. Well that’s just great, and he’s even in our home room. Even better!
I closed my locker and sighed. Life is going to be even more difficult then I ever thought. I looked at Keith and sighed again, he must like me a lot, but I mean if he likes me as just a friend why would he get upset with me because of Nick. Maybe Amy was right after all, maybe he does have a crush on me.
“Misty, who was that?” Keith asked.
“That, that was Nick. He was always, well close for sometime. But we grew apart last year” I said.
Keith just stood their thinking about what I just told him, then he closed his locker and went back into our home room. I leaned my head ageinst my locker and sighed, life was going downhill now.
I walked to my home room and sat down in my seat, Keith was looking down at his desk. I felt so horrible about what had happened in the hall. Yet I really didn’t know what had happened. I looked up to see Nick comeing up to sit next to me.
I sighed as he sat next to me. “What you don’t like me anymore?” Nick said. Why? I asked myself.
“Nick, what happened in the past is the past” I said. He smiled, that I didn’t like, that’s for shore.
“So..... That means I get another chance?” he said.
“Huh, so that’s what you think!” I said.
“Well ya. Didn’t you just say that what happens in the past is the past” he said.
“What are you two fighting about?” Dylan asked.
“Oh, just about how Misty might give me another chance” Nick said.
“That might is a no!” I said. I was getting really frustrated with Nick and Dylan!
“What, your not going to give me another chance” Nick said. I was getting annoyed with him so I just turned away from him. I picked up a book I had brought with me and started to read. “A book worm like always I see” Nick said. I looked up and glared at him.
“Shut up!” I said to Nick and went back to reading. Keith laughed a little. That was good, atleast that made him somewhat happy.
“Atleast she knows me better then anyone else, and would care about me more then someone she just met” Nick said. That comment was pointed at Keith and I new it, Nick had better smarten up before I punch his face in!
“Who said I care about you!” I said to Nick.
“You did. 5th grade summer. You said---”
“I said nothing!” I cut him off. I really didn’t want to talk about this right now.
Just then the teacher started the class back up. I was glad about that, I didn’t really want to get back into that discution with Nick. Espetially when Keith was a bit upset with me about Nick for one reason or another.
I didn’t really talk to anyone after that, I didn’t want anything coming up about earlyer. At the end of the day when the buses were called I just went to my bus and got on. That was that. I wanted the day to end as quickly as I could make it. Dylan, of all people, was on my bus. I didn’t know why I hadn’t noticed him on the way to school but I deffinally did now!
He sat with me in the seat I had found. I was not in the mood to deal with him now, mostly since he was part of the trouble today. “What do you want!?” I hissed at him.
“Don’t be that way, I didn’t cause the trouble between you and Keith, or you and Nick. It was all you” He comented.
“Dylan don’t even try and convince me that you had nothing to do with that” I said my voice getting an edge to it.
“I really didn’t do anything. All I did was ask what you were fighting about” he replied
I sighed angrily, admitting defete to myself but never to Dylan. I watched the tree’s fly by, I couldn’t think about the day even if I tried. Things were way to complicated today.
Nick had cheated on me, I never wanted to see him again and I was happy when he was out of my life. Ya and look at him now. trying to win me over again. He’s just so pathetic!
I was screaming in my head, I couldn’t stop all the torture that this day was putting me through. I banged my head ageinst the window and sighed. I didn’t want to go to school tomorrow but I had to.
“Are you ok?” Dylan asked me in a sincere voice.
“Do I look ok!” I practicly yelled. I stared at him like he would know what to do.
“No. You don’t look ok, you look more then ok” he wispered. I looked at him like he was crazy. Dylan of all people wouldn’t say that, would he? I couldn’t accept it, I was way to freaked out to beleive it. I looked away and leaned my head ageinst the window.
“Please tell me your kiding!” I moaned.
“Well..... If I said that I would be lieing. You don’t want me to lie do you?” he said sarcasticly.
“Shut. Up!” I growled at him.
He didn’t say anything to me for the rest of the ride. I ran off the bus and up to my house. When I got inside my mom welcomed me home.
“How was your first day of school?” she asked in a soothing voice.
“Nick’s back!” I hissed. “I’m going to go into my room. I need to think” I wispered as I steped into my room.
I just sat on my bed and fell asleep. A deep sleep that I wished would have lasted forever. Soon I was shaken awake, I opened my eyes and my stomach hurt more then ever before.
“UUGH” I moaned.
“Wake up honey, it’s time to get ready for school” she wispered.

Day Two
“What!” I screamed.
“Honey, you slept all day and all night. I knew you had a long day so I just let you sleep” she said reasuringly.
I got out of bed and started to look through my clothes for something to wear. My mom left my room so I could get dressed. I finally chose puple and red t-shirt, and a pair of shorts. I looked at the time and sighed. It was an hour till the bus comes. I had enough time to eat and get ready.
I walked out of my room and went strait for the cereal. I chose a random cereal and poured it into a bowl and just started to eat it with out milk. I needed to eat two meals worth in half an hour.
15 minutes later I was on my 3rd bowl of cereal. I took my time then thinking about today. I was going to need to deal with Nick, Dylan, and Keith. First I would deal with Dylan on the bus. Then it would depend on how long I could stay away from Keith and Nick and who would come up to me first.
I got my stuff for school together and went out the door. It was a bit early to go out to wait for the bus but I felt like running. I always ran when I wasa upset, that or ride my bike. I put my bag down and started to sprint down the road, I would keep running up and down the road untill the time the bus would come.
I got to the end of the road and stoped, some of my family’s friend’s horses were out and I thought it would be a good idea to see them. I looked at my watch that I had put on before I left and noticed that onley 4 minutes had passed. I had 11 minutes left to run and see the horses, so I did.
I leaned agienst the fence and wisled for the horses. My favorite one named spark came up. She put her nose on my head in greating. She knew I was upset, she always knew when I was upset or unhappy. That’s one of the reasons why I like her the most.
After about 5 minutes I ran back to my drive way. I picked up my backpack and sat down in a patch of grass. The buss would be here any moment, and that ment I would have to deal with Dylan. The buss came up the road and stoped in front of me, I got up and steped on to the bus.
I saw a free seat and sat down just as I saw it. I looked around, no Dylan thatnk god!!! I didn’t need to deal with him right then. I sighed and looked out the window, I would have to deal with him sooner or later. Then I felt the seat move and heard someone sit down next to me. Crap!
I looked over and It was guess who? Nick. “What do you want?” I hissed.
“Hey don’t be that way! I know you still love me” he wispered
“What! You wish” I yelled.
“No, I don’t wish, I know” he retorted.
“Leave me alone” I huffed.
“Huh, really, I thought you’d rather me then Dylan, or Keith” he reasured.
“Keith is a lot better then you! He doesn’t put others down like you do, and Dylan could care less for me” I said.
“Oh I wouldn’t say Dylan doesn’t care about you. He practicly worships you. I think you would look good together but I still say that you and me are 10 times better then anyone” he smirked.
“Just leave me alone” I moaned. I wished Nick would just move on like I was trying to do. Then a thought poped into my head. “Nick, what about your girlfriend? I thought you two were in love” I smirked.
“Once she found out about me cheating on you she said it was over and called me a few bad names” he replied. I looked at him like he was nuts. It didn’t even fase him to say that.That had just proved to me that he was a selfish little creep that just wanted to get what he wanted.
“Your such a sicko!” I comented.
“And your a beutiful lovley teenage girl that doesn’t know when to just give in” he spat.
“Just leave me alone for once in your life!” I hissed.
“But you love me and I just want to be with my girl” he reasured.
“I. DON’T. LOVE. YOU.” I said through clenched teeth. He looked a little hurt by what I said but then it soon faded. He started to smile, was he just trying to make me sick?
“Tell yourself that all you want. Your just lying to yourself then” he said gleefully.
I just stared out the window and ignored him. I was so happy when we got to school, I steped off the bus and looked for Keith. I saw him right away and I started to walk his way. I now knew how I felt about him and I was going to tell him.
On the bus I started to think about who I liked, and who I loved. I liked Keith, I liked Keith a lot. I hated Nick and I wasn’t sure how I felt about Dylan. But That didn’t matter right then because I was going to tell Keith how I felt about him and him alone.
“Keith! I have to talk to you” I stated.
“Misty, no. I know you are going to just say that your going to be going out with Nick. I don’t care” he scuffed.
“Keith, no that’s not it! You got it all wrong! Nick’s just my ex boyfriend. I don’t care abouit him anymore, he cheated on me so I moved on. Keith. Please understand that I care about you, not Nick” I whined.
Keith looked up in supprise. “You really would go out with me?” he asked in disbelief.
I steped closer to him and said “yes Keith, I would. As long as you care about me as much as I care about you” I wispered.
He just looked at me in amazment. I could see how much he liked me from how he looked at me. Then out of nowhere I leaned foward and kissed him. I knew I supprised him, because I supprised myself.
He kissed me back and then we sepperated. We just looked at eachother and then I heard someone call my name. I looked around and saw Amy watching me and motioning for me to come and talk to her.
“Looks like Amy is going to quiz me on this. Um I’ll see you in class” I told him and kissed him on the cheak. I turned around and headed for Amy.
“Misty! Ohhh, you’ve got to tell me what it was like!” Amy practically screamed.
“Amy, calm down. It’s not a big deal” I said, my face flushed.
“Uh, ya Misty it is to a big deal! It’s your first kiss” she sqealed.
“Stop it Amy, it’s really not a big deal” I said. I was secretly agreeing with Amy, it was a big deal. It was also an awsome deal to. I couldn’t wait till I could spend more time with Keith.
“Misty. You and Keith are going to be perfect together! I mean you’ve only known eachother for a short amount of time and now look at you. Not even you and Nick kissed” she said.
“Okay, can we stay off of the Nick subject. Please” I pleaded.
“Fine, but that’s an interesting subject! I like to talk about it” she whined.
“Well I don’t” I stated. The bell rang for us to head to home room. Me and Amy parted ways and I looked for Keith. He was watching me, I guess waiting for me to come up to him.
I walked over to him and smiled at him. “Hello Keith. So what have you been up to? you know since I left to talk to Amy” I asked.
“Nothing. Just thinking” he answered.
“Thinking about what?” I asked him as I walked into my home room.
“You, and where were heading in life” he said.
“You mean like if were going out or not?” I asked.
“Ya, that and other stuff” he said.
I found my seat and took my backpack off, Keith took the seat next to me. “So what other stuff?” I asked
“Um, well, stuff” he answered.
I looked at him, he was up to something. “What kind of stuff?” I asked.
“Well I was thinking that we would probley need to have eachother’s phone numbers. Also I was thinking about if we are going to see eachother outside of school” he said.
“I think we can deeal with those very easily. Later we can talk about that stuff” I said. I got all of the stuff that I would need for the day and brought my backpack to my locker.
“Hi, I’m Emma” I turned around to where the voice came from and a few lockers away from mine was the girl that was talking to me. I reconized her from my home room.
“Hi, I’m Misty” I said to her.
“So, do you have Gym first period?” she asked.
“Um, ya I think so” I said.
“Cool, let’s hang out in gym then” she insisted.
“Ya,sure” I said.
Emma walked away and I started to put my backpack into my locker. I felt arms go around me, I froze. I didn’t know if it was Keith or Nick or someone else. I relaxed as I relized it was Keith.
“Keith don’t do that! You scared me!” I said trying to get out of his grip. He let go and I turned around to face him.
“Sorry, I didn’t know it would scare you” he said.
“It’s fine, I forgive you” I said giving him a quick peck on the lips.

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