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Highway 45

Highway 45
I've been walking in one lane for too long. Just looking at it makes me dizzy. The way those yellow lines stretch ahead, winding and twisting in the evening sun...

It hurts my eyes. A warm breeze tugs at my shirt, bringing with it gut-churning whispers.

"Move," it hisses. "There's a pit at the end of this road. Move, or you will die.

I shake my head in disbelief. "No, I won't. I'll get out of the way in time." I mumble to myself.

At those words, the sole of my shoes began to stick to the pavement. Each step I took was increasingly difficult.
My legs ached with exhaustion.

"Yes, that's right. This road is safe.
Who knows what is beyond those exit
rampes? You have traveling with me for months. Did I harm you then? I am safe." It said in a hoarse voice.

"It lies! Just look below." The summer air murmured.

Suddenly, I am sinking. The concrete is melting like butter under my feet.

"I am safe...I am safe..." the words echo in my ears as I plunge into darkness.

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