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I wait and wonder
When will she arrive?
Restless am I
My mind starts to drive

I hear my phone
It starts to ring
And within my soul
The angels sing

Down I jump
And move the sheet
The light is on
My heart skips a beat

I run through green
And up to the door
I open it up
What now is in store?

My beauty stands before me
Her eyes sparkle bright
Perfection at is clearest
Is standing in my sight

Her devil crimson lips
And eyes I canít deny
I pray she do not look away
As I should surely die

And up I hover to her
And touch her flawless skin
The purest soft of whitest silk
I need no more to win

I pick her up
And spin her round
And for one moment
There is no sound

I lay her down
And kiss her lips
And place my hands
Upon her hips

The entire world is still
A quake could not disturb
Itís only her and me right now
Nothing else do I observe

The world itself begins to spin
By now you should have guessed
It's obvious and clear as day
With love I have been blessed

So for all you men who read this poem
I pray do not delay
Do yourself a favour quick
And find your love today.

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