The Gray (Chp. 2) | By: Curtis Williams | | Category: Short Story - Dark Bookmark and Share

The Gray (Chp. 2)

A Drifter’s Eyes

Landing softly on a snow-covered rooftop, the barefooted woman stretched, feeling the bone chilling ice melt under the soles of her feet with a low hissing noise. Embracing the crisp night air, she let it tickle the feathers of her pallid wings, both the full length of her entire arm. She flexed them gently before folding them behind her back, tossing her dark hair aside to gaze at the full moon. True beauty in hell, Audre thought before a droning siren interrupted her thoughts, cutting into the night winds. Turning to face the shadowy streets in the distance, she spotted a white ambulance speeding through an empty intersection. She already knew what had happened and where it was going. Spinning around somberly, she noticed a small child floating into the heavens on the city’s horizon, the winter clouds parting with a golden light. The angel’s stomach heaved. Another innocent child is slain; she clenched her fists in her fury. Looking back into the sky, her heart cried out. I am a drifter, an invisible mime in the loud ignorant streets. Surrounded by malice, greed and violence, my eyes bleed at these awful sights. My ears are forced to listen to sorrowful songs their hearts yell. I am powerless in trying to save them from their own fatal downfall—oh long must I wait, lord? This planet slowly edges toward doom each hour; my heart aches! My soul burns to correct, discipline and reward but I can do nothing but watch the world continue to spiral into oblivion...

A frosty gust whipped at her robe. Soft footsteps dragging through the polluted snow rang on the sidewalk below. Audre caught a boy in the corner of her eye, approaching from a nearby building, his head low, bundled in a large fur coat. She held her breath. He was just like any other teenage human boy, heading home after a long day of work. But it wasn’t the sight of the boy that alarmed the angel. Something was following him. The overwhelming aura wafted from the creature like the stench of death, sending chills down her legs. Clothed in a ragged cloak, it froze when it spotted Audre, hissing. She could almost make out its slimy pale face behind the muddy hood. What plans does it have with this boy? She asked herself.

“What business do you have with this human?” she called out. The creature let loose a raspy chuckle.
“My motives are my own. Stand aside.” It said hoarsely.
“Then you will not come any further, vermin.” she spat out the words like poison. The monster growled, raising a greasy claw.
“We own this town. You can’t protect him forever.”
“Begone.” Audre gritted.
“As you wish…” It mumbled, before evaporating into a dark vapor.
She watched the boy make his way down the sidewalk, turning down a nearby corner.

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