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I'm Dating A Satanist!

“Your friends were…interesting.”
“Bet you didn’t think a cut that size would draw as much blood as it did.”
“No, I was surprised at the blood loss. It was strange how everyone insisted that I not go to the hospital.”
“They knew what they were doing.”
“Is this a weekly thing, or…”
“Twice a week.”
“Twice a week…okay. So this is the group you were always talking about?”
“Well, what did you think I was doing?”
“I though it was some sort of support group.”
“In a way they are my support group. We support each other in our love for the Eternal Dark-Lord.”
“I guess what I’m getting at is, you could have told me about this before I moved in.”
“I only have it here once a month.”
“That’s great. So, will these stitches stay in alright, because I think the guy that did it for me might have been kind of crazy. Not that I’m saying anything bad about your friend.”
“He wasn’t crazy, he was just filled with the power of the…”
“Are you going to talk like that all the time? I never heard one word from you about this Dark-Lord until twenty-four hours ago. Now I’m covered in pigs blood, I’ve done things I don’t even want to think about, and you keep going on and on about the Dark-Lord this, and the Dark-Lord that – your friends are gone, give it a rest.”
“Nuc son ca ra gin do…”
“Again with the incantations? If I see one more demon messing around with my record collection I am going to freak out. What is that? What…don’t even think about it. I get your point, now make your eyes go back to their normal color. No, don’t! How are we going to cuddle after I’ve seen you like this? Are those scales? Like a reptile? Is this going to effect your skin when you turn back to…what are you doing? Hey, stop it! You asked me to move in, remember? I said we should wait! Now just hold on, before you do anything stupid, I just want to say…”

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