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He watched her as she walked quickly outside, the trees blurring most of his vision but he could still see her as she flicked between the gaps in the trees, he saw her walk out of her house and down the path to the road. He noticed with a small smile that she was wearing the top that he had first seen her in, god who knows how long ago now. Her ebony black hair was relaxed and flowing about her almost magically as if dancing flirtatiously with the light breeze that filled the morning air. She paused just before reaching the gate, turned, and stared into the forest he was hiding in. For a second his heart stopped as he could have sworn she met his eyes perfectly, but then with a small frown she turned again and continued on her way. His heart started up again, and he breathed out slowly, only then realising he had been holding his breath. He slowly emerged from the trees and still keeping low, his black coat draped almost sinisterly around him he cautiously padded his way down behind her.

Mia walked quickly down the road, her arms held tight around her, the cold of the morning stinging her eyes and causing them to water, at least that's what she wanted herself to believe. But she knew that wasn't the reason her eyes seemed to unendingly fill. She tried not to think of him, or of the night that it had all happened, but she found herself again unconsciously looking down again at the tattoo on her wrist, that horrible god forsaken tattoo that had caused it all.

The pentagram, the symbol of a witch, of what she had wanted to, tried so hard to become. She remembered the first time she had seen it, on the wrist of a friend of her sisters friend. Her sister had always been the most popular one, and Mia not having many friends of her own was naturally delighted when her sisters friend had taken notice of her. She had invited her to these groups, there were lots of other girls there and they had all been so friendly so accepting. Soon she found herself abandoning her few other friends and spending more and more time with the group.

He watched her walk, and guilty caught himself admiring the subtle swing of her hips. He had always loved that about her, hell he had loved everything about her and she had loved him to, his smile widened as he thought of the first time he had stumblingly told her how he felt . And how she had just smiled that smile at him, and quietly whispered that she felt the same way. Ooh he had smiled for the next two weeks straight after that....course that was until

Mia stopped at the bus stop and stood waiting, where was the bus, it should have been here by now, she anxiously looked up and down the road but it was empty she sighed softly and remembered how Dan has always been there before her so she never had to wait alone, she smiled sadly and her eyes did there filling up trick again. Dan had always been there, even when all her other friends had left her he just hadn't given up, that was why, no no she mustn't think about it, not again.

He stood leaning against the wall just a few meters from her, his black coat blending him perfectly into the trees behind her, he watched her stamp her feet in impatience's and remembered affectionately how she used to do the exact same thing when he was teasing her. Another thing she had stopped doing when she had started to hang out with that group, he spat violently on the ground at the thought of them. He had tried everything he could do to stop her from hanging out with them, he knew what they were like, what the did, but Mia was to blinded by the thought of acceptance to remember that that wasn't the only place she was loved...that or she didn't care any more...he had told her that of course the night before it all happened, he had caught here here on this same path and told her that he loved exceptions..but she had just pushed him away

She looked up at the sound of a terminally unhealthy motor slowly turning the corner and fumbled hurriedly for her ticked, the bus stopped a little late and she had to quickly jog to the entrance, she ignored the stares from the other people on the bus, they all just watched her, whispered about her. She knew what they were saying, there she is, the one who did it, it was her fault, she went to the back and sat herself in the corner, her knees tucked up and hugging them as if to make her own private world away from everyone else. She sighed softly, if only he hadn't followed her that night, or if she had maybe listened to him. She had thought he was just jealous that she was making new friends, jealous that she had other friends that just him. At least that what it had seemed like when she had seen him run into the forest, just before...

He quietly sat down at the front of the bus, constantly watching her in the rear view mirror, no one else paid him attention, no one would, he saw her rocking slightly back and forth, just as she had when he had ran into the circle that night, the night she had gotten that tattoo, the night she had tried to become one of themselves

She hugged herself harder as she remembered the night of her initiation, first they had made her drink something that had made her so groggy she could hardly feel the pain of the tattoo, then they had sat her in a circle, and she had started to chant those words, the words to summon her new powers, the words that would make her one of them, and then just as she had finished, just when the summoning was completed he had come

He quickly got up and followed her of the bus, she was walking quickly now, almost running as if she somehow knew he was following her, he jogged silently after her, then suddenly she turned a corner just as a large crowed of screaming kids pushed in front of him, he tried desperately to push through them, every second she was getting further away,

She was running now, she just had to get away from this place, these people, those memories, she couldn't think of what had happened now, of what had happened when he had broken the circle,

a sharp cracking sound thudded through her head just a second before the pain came, she fell hard against the wall her hands clutching her head where she had been hit, she looked up through bleary eyes and saw three guys standing over her, cruel smiles playing over there lips.

"Well well well if it isn't satans whore herself", they laughed to themselves and bent down on either side of her, "well now your all alone, I don't think you'd mind doing the rest of us a little favour now would you witchy" he reached a hand up under her top and squeezed hard, the other two laughed and reached for her legs,"aww come on now, I'm sure were not as good as the dark prince himself, but we try out best"

She was still in shock from the blow but had enough brain power back to feel cold terror filling her, as they forced her onto the floor she closed her eyes shut and tried to think of something else, anything else, but there was only one other thing she could remember, Dans face as he had pushed her out of the circle, the dark shadows that had risen up from the symbols and pounced on him, engulfing him, dragging him down to the ground, the last words she had cried still echoing around the room,

"pario mihi a lamia"

"make me a witch"..but the thing with Latin was each word had more than one meaning, and lamia ment witch or...

He reached the alleyway and saw her lying on the floor, blood trickling from her forehead, his eyes grew cold as he saw the three boys pulling her belt out jeans, not even thinking he flew forward ripping his coat of to give him more speed, he thudded into them, his fingernails now deadly claws his teeth grown to predatory length

they screamed

but not for long

She felt something fly past, a familiar scent, no it couldn't be she opened her eyes and saw him standing there before her looking down on her just as he had the when he had pushed her out of the circle, except now he was burning, flames bursting from his skin and burning him so quickly

He looked down on her and smiled sadly, the girl of his dreams, the girl that he would die to protect, and had.....twice

His mouth opened, fangs now hampering his words "i love you Mia...always no exceptions" and he let out his last breath and faded into the wind.

She didn't know how long she had lain there seconds becoming minutes. Minutes into hours just crying, his last words echoing through her mind, she had watched him disappear the flames had consumed him and left nothing, nothing but a small pile of ashes that the morning breeze quietly gathered up and danced into the air.

lamia- meaning witch/ vampire

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