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The Nightmare Monster (Rewritten)

The Nightmare Monster

Lurking in the darkness lives a terrible, sadistic creature. Its seed was formed from the very essence of pure evil and hatred. Everyone knows the beast; it strikes in the dead of the night, when its victims are sound asleep, safe and comfortable in their warm beds. She is known as The Minion; an ugly creature fitted into the body of a snake. With a thirty-inch body the color of coal, menacing, emerald eyes, and a four-foot long blade-like stinger, she is truly a beast to be feared. Simply to fill her own gluttonous desires, she feasts on her victims, first jabbing her stinger into the neck of her prey, then swallows them whole, and alive. It takes only minutes for the paralyzing venom to take effect, completely numbing and immobilizing the body, while materializing her prey’s worst fears into a hellish sub reality. Only then, when the meal is at the peak of their nightmare, screaming in the throes of fear, she eats them. Every late night she searches the globe, carefully singling out her prey. Tonight was no exception.

Her first victim was an overweight, middle aged man named Bellamy Cusec. As the clock struck one in the morning, she slithered into the dark and cluttered apartment, lit by the television blaring from the living room. Mr. Cusec, a bald, pale and hairy human, sat snoring loudly on his couch, dressed in nothing but his boxers and socks, along with cheese puffs scattered all over his large belly. Creeping around the television light, she had a no difficulty wrapping her rough, muscled body around the soft jelly-like skin of Mr. Cusec, squeezing him tightly. The human didn't even notice her, his greasy cheecks twitching with his snores. In one quick, swift motion, she stabbed the curved stinger under his chin, watching him wince slightly. She felt the venom take effect in minutes, corroding his warm dreams; draining them of all happiness, warmth, and sense of peace. She couldn’t see what he was dreaming, but then again, she didn’t have to. It was written all over his face. She felt his pulse quicken, his body began to perspiration. He jerked, murmuring lowly.

“N-no, come back, Mr. Ice cream man…” He moaned.

She chuckled to herself in a low hissing growl. As his heart beat rose to faster heights, his inhales became short, sharp breaths. The Minion grew bigger.

“No… ICE CREAM!!!” His voice rose to a yell as his body went cold. She continued to grow, and grow, until her head touched the ceiling of the apartment, nearly doubling in size and strength.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!” Mr. Cusec bellowed, snapping awake, opening his eyes to see the face of a giant snake glaring down at with cold, hungry eyes. He shrieked as the shadow like snake lunged at him, gobbling him whole.
One would think that a heavy man like Bellamy Cusec would satisfy any rabid beast, even feed a pack of animals. However, The Minion had an appetite that was as endless as a black hole; she was forced to stop feeding only because of the sun’s light. Irritated and unsatisfied, she slithered back into the shadows, searching for hr next meal.

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