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The Voice

Yes, itís me. I walk the Earth long before you crawled out of the water, or were
created, or whatever you want or have been made to believe. I am ďThe Fallen OneĒ,
ďThe Root Of All EvilĒ; you call me different names, which Iím not repeating now.
You have been led to believe that it is me the one who makes your life and
your world go wrong; but let me tell you: if I exist, then there is a good God,
and if I did something wrong, he would surely itercede for you. I have nothing to
do with your hatred, your evil ways or anything of the sort, so your God does
nothing to avoid it; because it is not me the cause.
In fact; why would I want you to fall into what you call ďsinĒ? What is the
benefit for me? Why would I want your soul? What would I want it for? Can you
giveme a good definition of what a soul is? Do you have ANY idea of what that
I am here just watching as I have always been. I have witnessed your
history; your success and failures as a race. I have felt surprised at what you
have achieved, and as I said before, YOU did it, for better or worse, whether
it went right or wrong, it was always you.
I know it is hard to believe, as you have been always compelled to believe
in something you judge greater than your nature. You have made your gods through
history, because your nature needs it to beleive. And as you need a god, you
need me; the counterpart, the one that makes your godís deeds look right and
great to you all, his enemy, the reverse of all he (or she) represents. It is me
who gives grandeur to them, as I am always shown as the evil, the one who
represents everything your society despises. But it is not me who leads you to
evil ways. It is always you.
I know you donít believe a word of what Iím saying to you. But that it is
just because you have been taught to believe and what to believe, not because
your faith has grown spontaneously revealing the secrets of the universe. If
you knew them, they wouldnít be secrets, would they? You base your faith on
writing which NOBODY out of faith knows who wrote. Can you reallytrust what they
say? Can you accept them as of divine origin? Of course you were
trained to accept them, but do you REALLY believe? What can I say? If I told you
and showed you proof of what I am saying, your faith will undoubtely blind you
to that undeniable truth.
It is not me or your god who twists your fate, accept it: it is yourself,
it is something you will never learn to deal with, because you are too coward
to accept your own mistakes, good, and evil.
Now you think I am tempting you to believe that you are more than your
god. Arenít I? Or is it your true self that is rebelling through your inner v
oice? Hehehehehe...Your faith seems not to be as strong as you thought, madam.
Iíll leave you now...with new thoughts in your head...or, were they always t

Mrs. Believer was lying on her back on the floor at the doors of the temple. She
was being helped by other mercyful men and women. She had slipped on one of the
steps at the entrance, and had been gone for a few seconds. She was offered a
glass of water and a car to take her home. She accepted willingly, as the fall
still hurt.
Having a sound knowledge of the scriptures, being a church woman, having rised
two kids in her faith, she still did not recognized the voice she heard that
day...and continued hearing it for a long time.

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