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Trials of Man

So came the son of a warrior king...Baring his father's title and likeness.The struggle for the thrown is new to the young kingdom.In the end the son of the warrior king is seated,utterly changing mankind forever....To the east,from the old kindoms,rises the anti-(god).Ever jealous and bitter of the young kingdom,rembering past wars,The anti(god) swears his revenge.To worried about internal affairs,the son of the warrior king and the young kingdom turn their backs to the east...The old kingdom,knowing the time is right take death to the young kingdom.With a pillar of fire not seen by the likes of man,the anti(god)destroys the new harbor city of the young kindom.The young kigdom with all its power and glory ,scream for revenge upon the old kingdom.Revenge it is..the young kindom takes the war to the old kingdoms,with an old enemy now allied.War proceeds, a hundred years in fact,sons of sons of sons fight the war.In the end only learning one thing...they have learned nothing.Not fealing the hate their fathers ,fathers felt for the destruction of the new harbor city of the young kingdom.They lay their weapons of war to the ground and let the sands of time cover them forever."This story is written by me,and only me.......but was profitized,long ago.Take it as you will,but rember it. The proficy was for told hundreds of years before Pres. elect Bush."I have seen it in black and white,take it as you will."Know, man has never learned from past mistakes,or will never admit it. Maybe we can learn something from this,i doubt it...In the end, i guess,we are all very educated monkeys,with one killer banana.....[Dark Profit]
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