what does life have on it's shelf | By: Joseph John Gregoria, Jr. | | Category: Poem - Dark Bookmark and Share

what does life have on it's shelf

I sit in the dark all by my self./Thinking what does life have on it's shelf

Anything for me./I'm to short I can't see

As I take my hand and lift it high./Reaching for that piece of the sky

I grab hold of something so tight./Not letting go in the chilling night

I do not know what have I grasped./It might be covered, completely masked

I try to pull and bring it near./My heart starts to pump, full of fear

I tell my self "Don't worry be brave."./It's beginning to get cold like a dark cave

It starts at my feet rising to my thigh./I'm feeling the tension in the thing in the sky

The chill is beginning to crawl up my arm./To my fingers, beginning to harm

My grip begins to fade./Strength is weakened by the shade

I start to lose it, fate is coming so near./But what was I holding that seems so dear

I do not know my mind is confused./All know is I wanted it my grip so fused

I will not let go I can not now./Something I wanted could be mine, you ask how

As I fight against the chill./Weakening my grip, making me ill

I struggle on it means so much./I can feel the joy of it's touch

But as I pull tighter the weight begins to increase./The pain is intense, but I can not release

I pull with emotion not with my hand./I'm winning the battle, I have put up a stand

I feel the chill beginning to fade./Crawling away into the shade

I pull for the thing up so high./Pulling it closer, out of the sky

But as I pull and know I can win./I feel the same pain something starts to begin

I know I can not remove this thing from the sky./For if I do, for then it will die

But my grip is so tight I can not remove./My hand from this thing which my heart it sooths

So I think to my self what am I doing wrong./I have exhausted myself for so very long

So as I sit in the dark all by myself./Now I know what life has on it's shelf

And I see what it has brought./Joy to a lonely heart

So I take my grip so very tight./And climb up and join this thing in the night.
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