Lucky Seven Falls Below Zero | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - Introspective Bookmark and Share

Lucky Seven Falls Below Zero

Nowadays the odds are against you the minute you are born
A rose is only protected when it has its thorns
Even the most vicious animals want to protect their young
Parents stories of doing right too often unsung
In a world that is not so peachy
Raise your kids teach them about reality
We only want what's best for them no matter where they go
Lucky Seven sometimes falls below Zero
Drugs, alcohol, teenage pregnancies and gang banging
No more innocence, no more Little Red Wagon
These kids today need a world to call their own
Sad but true sometimes it's not at home
We must find ways for them to beat the streets
Don't let our most valuable resource, our own kids deplete
Today more than ever these kids need heroes
Lucky Seven sometimes falls below Zero
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