It Is Fixable | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - Introspective Bookmark and Share

It Is Fixable

It does not take infinite wisdom
To fix our prison system
Or an act from the Almighty
To right our society
Revenge is a great word to use
When you wanna stop the abuse
We will call it justifiable homicide
When you take that sexual offender on a one way ride
The desert is a good place to dispose of their kind
Bury the animal so deep that nobody can find
Hack him, chop him, burn him, it's more than he deserves
He is a part of a war in this world
His punishment should fit the crime
Don't let him live off the taxpayer's dime
One bullet could save so much money
All dark days, no more sunny
Take away their weights and cable tv
Give them no free rights, strip them of their humanity
Just give them four walls to stare at all day
Castrate the rapists, they need to pay
They file their petty lawsuits
Make them earn their keep, they can grow their own food
Our government is under dillusions if they think they are in control
All of this is fixable
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