Which Is Worse | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - Funny Bookmark and Share

Which Is Worse

Listening to incoherent jabber from Charles Manson
Or a continuos loop of music by Hanson
A summer cold with a nose that's runny
Or Bob Saget trying to be funny
A hairball that makes you cough
Or a concert performance from David Hasselhoff
Being arrested shoplifting at the Goodwill
Or putting your tongue on some cold winter steel
Soaking your clothes and running face first in to a live electric fence
Or tickets to a Barefoot Contessa upcoming event
Drinking soup out of a well worn boot
Or eating some nicely aged Baloot
Smelling a European woman's unshaved pits
Or ten yards from finishing a marathon and calling it quits
Eating a lemon lips cracked and dry
Or jumping off a building, then realizing you're not Superman, you cannot fly
Hitting shins in the dark on a metal chair
Or having a blowout in the ghetto, the blowout was your spare
Your car is ripped off, clothes in the car while you are skinny dipping in the lake
Or the thief that stole it realizes going down a mountain that it has no brakes
Sometimes decisions are a curse
You decide which is worse

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