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Boondocks or Sticks

I went visit Elroy, Emma, my nephew and niece
In a town where all residents are missing some teeth
The name of the town is Boondocks or Sticks
I finally arrive and am greeted by my nephew and niece, their names are Hominy and Grits
Boondocks falls in the state of Georgia and Sticks falls in the state of South Carolina
The residents could not decide which name would be finer
The annual vote always ends in a split
I believe it will always be Boondocks or Sticks
This town has a single chair barbershop
The peppermint pole usese too many kilowatts
Last time it was used
It blew the transformer, the town was left with no power, dazed and confused
There are new rumors going around
A Dollar General is coming to this town
I wonder if I tunred on the peppermint pole would the town's lights begin to flick
There is no other town like Boondocks or Sticks

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