Laura\'s Bush | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - Other Type Song Bookmark and Share

Laura\'s Bush

It needs trimmed time to time
Every summer her and George celebrate its existence with a bottle of wine
She uses shears on it with a swoosh
Many females and males have enjoyed Laura's bush
George, Jenna and Barbera Junior admire it with great pride
George has benifitted from it since Laura became his bride
Laura nurtures it so it will never go kapoot
Many more are expected to sample Laura's bush
It is right in the center where it should be
If not properly cared for it could become sloppy
Whether push comes to shove or shove comes to push
Jenna wants to know the secrets for a tasty bush
Laura is constantly bragging about her bush, she is not shy
Heck, she won a blue ribbon with her blueberry pie
Sometimes Laura sits and picks at it and she gets a sore toosh
What a privelege it has been to sample Laur's bush

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